Minutiae (Automation)

1 - More-like-Automaton suggestions

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

(also posted on the Curse main site a week ago; posting here as well):

Absolutely terrific that you are "updating" Automaton to use the modern Ace3 framework. There are a number of different mods like this out there, but none that duplicate/have all the functionality of Automaton.

A couple things regarding that though. Any plans to add the "summon accept" functionality that Automaton had? Only it among mods like this has that functionality, and it still works fine (last WowAce alpha version put out after Cata: v1.3.10-1-gc3c7eff). Automaton is one of the last mods am using here with Ace2 and I can't do without that functionality, so can't move from it yet. I'm sure some other people are the same.

Also, any plans to add timer delay options for a couple of the features instead of just on/off? As in the res accept & auto-party-join features. Automaton provided an adjustable delay for the res accepts as well as a couple of other qualifiers. Also provided a static delay option for accepting party invites.

As to the auto-quest-gossip-skip feature Automaton had, there are current mods that can do that. One you may want to look at for info on how to add it to this: Sick of Clicking Dailies.

Please provide any additional information below.

Since posting this originally on the Curse page, have found a modern mod (non-Ace2) that offers auto-summon-accept as mentioned above, as well as the other important features: Useful Extras. Am using that now instead of Automaton. Hope you add this to Minutiae, will definitely switch over to this then.

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