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Translation status

Translation status (as of July 2011)

LanguageCodeBoss yell translationUI translation
EnglishenUS / enGBcompletecomplete
Latin American SpanishesMXnonexistentnonexistent
KoreankoKRalmost completealmost complete
Simplified ChinesezhCNalmost completecomplete
Traditional ChinesezhTWalmost completecomplete

Translation status explained

Boss yells

For a few bosses, MRT needs a set of translated bossyells. Typically for boss encounters, where the boss itself doesn't die (Dreamwalker, Hodir, etc.), if multiple bosses are involved (Faction Champions, Blood Prince Council, etc.) or if it is more an event than a boss (Gunship Battle, Chess event back in Karazhan, etc.). If the boss yell translation is complete, you can use MRT without any drawbacks. The boss events, which need a boss yell for detection, are listed below.

UI translation

If a UI translation is missing, you will get the english UI text instead. All tracking related function should work regardless of the status of the UI translation.

Boss kill detection status

All bosses, which are not listed below, are supported by default.

X = Supported / - = Not supported / n.a. = Boss not available


Throne of the Four Winds & Firelands

Conclave of WindRagnaros (Normal)
Simplified Chinesen.a.n.a.
Traditional Chinese--

Wrath of the Lich King

Trial of the Crusader & Icecrown Citadel & Ruby Sanctum

Faction ChampionsGunship Battle
(Alliance / Horde)
EnglishXX / XXX
GermanXX / XXX
FrenchXX / X-X
Spanish-X / -X-
KoreanXX / XXX
Simplified ChineseXX / XX-
Traditional ChineseXX / XXX


Iron Council
(Easy / Semi / Hard)
EnglishX / X / XXXXXX
GermanX / X / XXXXXX
FrenchX / X / XXXXX-
Spanish- / - / ------
KoreanX / X / XXXXXX
Simplified ChineseX / X / XXXXXX
Traditional ChineseX / X / XXXXXX

Information for translators

If you are reading this, you will probably want to help translating this addon. Great! Your help is much appreciated. There are a few things you should know before starting to work at the translation.

Basic things

The localization is pretty much divided into two parts: One part, that requires a translation in order that MRT actually works in that client version and a second part, which 'only' affects the shown text. The strings are arranged into different namespaces.

How to contribute

I will take translations via E-Mail, Tickets or any other way, but I'd like to encourage you to use the CurseForge localization system. You can find it at http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/mizusraidtracker/localization. If you want to focus on a specific namespace, you should use the filter functions. As there is no automatic notification on localization updates, please drop me a PM or mail if you've changed anything and I'll create a new addon package with the updated translation.

Required translation

MRT requires a translation of the strings of the namespaces 'Bossyells' in order to actually work. These strings are used to identify certain boss kill events. They are case sensitive and need to match the corresponding client strings, including upper and lower case and punctuation.

  • 'Bossyells': This namespace includes bossyells, which are yelled, when the corresponding boss dies. These are only needed for bosses, which don't have an explicit UNIT_DIED-Event (e.g. Dreamwalker in ICC). My advice: Take a screenshot of the bossyell.

Needed bossyells

ZoneBoss encounterEnglish yell (as reference)
FirelandsRagnarosToo soon! ... You have come too soon...
TotFWConclave of WindThe Conclave of Wind has dissipated. Your honorable conduct and determination have earned you the right to face me in battle, mortals. I await your assault on my platform! Come!
Wrath of the Lich King
ZoneBoss encounterEnglish yell (as reference)
RSHalionRelish this victory, mortals, for it will be your last. This world will burn with the master's return!
ICCDreamwalkerI AM RENEWED! Ysera grant me the favor to lay these foul creatures to rest!
ICCGunship Battle (Alliance)Don't say I didn't warn ya, scoundrels! Onward, brothers and sisters!
ICCGunship Battle (Horde)The Alliance falter. Onward to the Lich King!
TotCFaction ChampionsA shallow and tragic victory. We are weaker as a whole from the losses suffered today. Who but the Lich King could benefit from such foolishness? Great warriors have lost their lives. And for what? The true threat looms ahead - the Lich King awaits us all in death.
UlduarAlgalonI have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames, their denizens fading without as much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and razed in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart devoid of emotion... of empathy. I. Have. Felt. Nothing. A million-million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?
UlduarMimironIt would appear that I've made a slight miscalculation. I allowed my mind to be corrupted by the fiend in the prison, overriding my primary directive. All systems seem to be functional now. Clear.
UlduarFreyaHis hold on me dissipates. I can see clearly once more. Thank you, heroes.
UlduarThorimStay your arms! I yield!
UlduarHodirI... I am released from his grasp... at last.
UlduarIron Council (Easy)You rush headlong into the maw of madness!
UlduarIron Council (Semi)What have you gained from my defeat? You are no less doomed, mortals!
UlduarIron Council (Hard)Impossible...
NaxxFour HorsemenNot supported (no boss yell present)

Optional translation

The strings in the other namespaces are used in the GUI and status messages. The namespaces are divided into the corresponding parts of the addon. The namespace name and the key-name should describe where the corresponding string is used. Few strings consists of multiple lines. Please try to match these line breaks in your translated text. The strings of the namespaces are used as followed:

  • 'Core': Includes strings used in the core module (includes: loot dialog (aka DKPFrame), attendance dialog and messages, export dialog, snapshot messages)
  • 'GUI': Includes strings used in the raidlog browser and the corresponding dialogs (add, modify and delete items, add boss attendee, etc.). Also includes a set of error messages, which may be thrown by the GUI. A string-key with a leading TT indicates a string used in a tooltip.
  • 'Options': Includes strings used in the different option panels. Each string-key starts with a two letter combination, which indicates the use of that particular string. These combinations are: MP (Main panel), AP (Attendance panel), TP (Tracking panel) and EP (Export panel). A leading TT indicates a string used in a tooltip.

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