Change log

- Fixed previewing items of inspected players. Will once again preview the transmogged-into item.
- Fixed catalogue weapon enchanting.
- The Add to wishlist option should now appear in all item menus.
- Added bind type to item tooltips.
- Fixed item level info in tooltips.
- Bump module API version to 2. MogIt.GetItemInfo now returns a table according to
- Added function MogIt:GetItemLabel(itemID, callback, includeIcon, iconSize).

- Added cloth chests from 5.4 that went missing.

- Fixed selecting weapon enchants.

- Updated database with PvP items and some other missing items (challenge sets included) and data.
- Removed thrown weapons module.
- Added an entry to the 'Preview' menus to select a weapon enchant to display on the models.
- Allow equipping a wand and off hand item at the same time in the preview. They can't both actually display on the model until Blizzard fixes that, though.
- Added a chest type filter to filter robes and tunics.
- Added an option to redirect all dressup clicks (default Ctrl-left click) to the MogIt preview frame.
- Added an option to have the preview frame behave as a UI panel. (immovable and will get pushed around by other frames) Requires single preview option enabled.
- Added an option for locking the preview frame size to default UI panel size. Requires above option enabled.
- Toggling the Single preview option should now have an immediate effect.
- The 'Equip current gear' option in the preview frame now honors helm and cloak visibility settings.
- 'Owned items' filter should now properly appear for all modules.
- Dropdown menus are now scrollable (with mouse wheel or scroll buttons on the menu) if they exceed the height of the screen.
- Reworked chat link hook to allow the Target option to once again appear in player link popup menus.
- Item menu 'Preview' entry no longer has a submenu if single preview option is enabled.
- Fixed BG queuing taint that would occur if you opened any dropdown menu before opening the PvP UI.
- Fixed some issues with overlapping and inconsistent preview frame IDs.
- Implented LibItemInfo for faster filtering using certain filters.

- Added 5.4 items.
- Added 'Flexible' item tags.
- Fix scrolling in the main window when dragging the scroll thumb.
- DataStore should now always load before MogIt if enabled.

- Fixed DataStore support.

- Added 5.3 items.

- Added support for DataStore_Containers to check for owned items in void storage. (see forum for more info)
- Fixed tooltip source info for set and same-appearance items.
- Added workaround for a bug where kilt textures would get stuck on the model under certain circumstances.
- Further improvements to how weapons get equipped. Should now work as expected when loading sets, and weapons should no longer appear doubly in the catalogue.

- Added filter for showing only items that the character possesses.
- Fixed potential tooltip model issue with ElvUI.
- Weapons should now always go into the correct slot on the preview model.
- Fixed a few catalogue model positioning issues when scrolling.
- Uncached items should now properly get added when loading sets into previews, and tooltips should update automatically. (no more Retreiving item information)
- It is once again possible to preview inspected units' transmogged items rather than their real items.
- Default UI dressing room will now get undressed before trying on sets.
- Slightly indent item names in tooltips to line them up with items preceded by a tick.

- Adds 5.2 items and fixes a bunch of old item details!
- Added option to set tooltip model size.
- Properly show check marks for owned items in set tooltips.

- Add option to use a single preview frame. (disabled by default) This mimics the behaviour of the pre 3.0 preview frame.
- Preview frames now remember position and size between sessions.
- UI elements in the preview frames should now always appear.
- Improved weapon handling for the preview. Impossible weapon combinations should no longer be possible to "equip", as well it should now be more consistent in which slots weapons go into.
- Previews will now always be cleared before equipping a set of items.
- Remove the submenu of the wishlist entry in the modules menu to clarify that it can be clicked directly and managed from there.

- Added most of the new items from MoP, although some may show an inaccurate level or class requirement.
- Fixed the Monk filter error.

- Fixed a lot of model issues, hopefully including camera zooming. (models escaping their boundaries remains outside of our control)

- Fixed error when loading a module where one or more items has no required level specified, using level sorting.
- Added preview menu option to try on your character's currently equipped gear, taking transmogrification into account.
- Swapping non-transmog slot items should now properly reflect on models when using Equipped grid dress.

- Fixed error when swapping character gear while Equipped grid dress is selected.
- Equipped items should no longer get dressed up on set models.
- Fixed helm and cloak showing on models when hidden on your character.
- Previewing a set should now always open a new preview.
- Added weapon slot data and filters back in.
- Preview Load menu no longer includes profiles that has no sets.
- Resize handles should now be slightly easier to hit.
- Wishlist star should now properly be added to the frame right after adding the item to the wishlist.

- Fixed linking sets for characters who are Night Elf, Blood Elf or Undead.



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Apr 01, 2014
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  • 5.4.7
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