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MogIt 3.0 release

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    Have no fear, MogIt is here!

    We are proud to announce the coming of the (too) long awaited MogIt update!

    Unfortunately, we were sort of in a rush to get it out there, making a lot of changes near the end, so there hasn't been a lot of time to test. That being said, we are happy to help with any and all bugs, confusions and questions regarding the new version, however we're not going to add any more significant features in the near future.

    New features and changes include:

    • Multiple preview windows. You can now have multiple preview windows visible, working independently of each other. MogIt chat links will open in a new preview. Single items, unless explicitly specified otherwise, will go in the active preview. The active preview will have a purple background, and the inactive ones a gray background. You can activate any preview by clicking the Activate button in the bottom left corner of it.
    • GUI overhaul. The main frame now uses a more menu oriented interface, where commonly used options are more readily available.
    • Using other models than your own! You can now select any race and gender to use for the models in the catalogue as well as the previews. In addition, race and gender data can now be embedded into MogIt chat links, so your friends can view your outfits on your race! Note that this feature is fairly limited and buggy, as in we have no means of setting specific characters features such as skin colour or hair style, and occasionally the models will have death knight eye glows or odd NPC textures, sometimes with "builtin" clothes. It's up to Blizzard to fix this.
    • You can now view entire modules at once, without selecting a specific slot.
    • Preview models can now be positioned independently of the catalogue models when not using the Synchronize Positioning option.
    • Single wishlist item tooltips will now display the same info as the base modules, as long as the appropriate module is loaded.
    • Items using the same appearance will now be listed at the bottom of tooltips. No more cycling through items, unless you want more information.
    • Items rewarded from quests will now show completed status in the tooltip.
    • If an item is in your wishlist, you will be notified about this in tooltips outside of MogIt. This should include armour tokens that can be exchanged for an item that is in your wishlist.
    • You can now filter by bind type.
    • Holding shift will display the real tooltip for the item.
    • Most of the items that were included in the 5.0.4 patch data have been added to the database. This does not include all the items from the MoP beta; they will come nearer the expansion release since they wouldn't be visible in-game anyway.

    This version has been in the works on and off for months, so there are probably some changes I've forgot about.

    Feel free to use this thread for general questions regarding this update, but we prefer if you keep using the regular forums for suggestions and bug reports!

    Happy mogging, from Aelobin and me!

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    To anyone who downloaded v3.0.0 or v3.0.1:

    We found a small bug in one of the last minute changes that stopped certain races linking their sets properly, so make sure you update to v3.0.2 for that fix :)

    Sorry for the inconvenience and please make sure you report anymore bugs you happen to find.

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    @Lombra: Go

    Is there anyway to pick race features besides re rolling because the pandarens have more options than most classes... I notice my rogue matches what I eventually am going to make as monk but it's nice to make sure you prebuild mog set is indeed matching especially since that race has fur color ect.

    Loving the new version though awesome

    I don't have the beta anymore was really fragmenting my drive causing a lot of heat so I can't mathematically create a character with the correct features either, not sure if I could anyway because of the pandaren difference.

    Another desired feature many users i know personally is the ability to show weapons sheathed, including back sheathed 1hswords, axe ect.

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    Well what can I say, just knocked off work, bought a 6 pack of Jack Daniels, get home, start up curse client and bingo, Mogit has been updated, there is a god! Best mod evarrrrrrrr! Keep up he great work, cant express enough to the authors etc just how impressed i have been with their work concerning this mod :)

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    I have definitely enjoyed this addon since I heard about it. I have a question: should I be seeing gear that is limited to other classes? For example, Glowing Wings of Hope is a pally helmet but I can see it on my Death Knight. Is there any way to filter by class?

    Is it possible to have the sort be more detailed? Previously it was sorted by ilvl (I think) and now it's just sorted by character level, so that the first thing I see under plate helmets is several 346 items followed by a 393 and a 415.

    Thank you for taking the time to update this. I like dress up!

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    Good job!


    @banmani71: check filters

    BTW, with my rogue I can only see the leather module, no extra ones, is it correct?

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    @certa0: Go

    There is not. We possess the ability to set the race, gender and animation used, but that's it. This also covers the sheathing issue, and I've yet to find an animation that sheathes the weapons.

    @bamani71: Go

    Glowing Wings of Hope is actually free for all, so that's intended. :) The paladin set is called.. Blazing Glory I think? (I should know this!)
    Not sure what's up with the sorting. I'll take a look.

    @elegos87: Go

    That would not be correct. Are they installed properly, and appear in the addon list?

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    Oops, they were enabled, but disabled in ACP - fixed :D

    The italian translation is being completed for the new release - can I simply export it for testing?

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    Feel free. :)

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    Looked into the sorting and realised it's working as intended. It's actually sorted by required level, then display ID, which is a number identifying the appearance of the item. So this means that some of the Cataclysm items has a higher display ID than the new MoP items. We might implement an item level sort some time, though!

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    Thanks for the reply, not a huge issue or anything, but it still would be nice to see weapons sheathed before going and getting them.

    The race feature thing I was talking about it pretty much useless once MoP is out anyway.

    Are you going to locate the Blue colored Challenge mode mage armor and put that in or is that not even in the 504 live client yet? All I see is some pieces of the purple version.

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    We're going to run another scan when the expansion is released which hopefully will include all new items.

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    First of all, I want to say that I love the new changes! This is definitely one of my favorite addons. :D Unfortunately, I seem to be encountering a strange bug, as do a few other people in my guild. Whenever I try to zoom in on the previews, the models pop out of their boxes and onto the screen. I've taken a screenshot to show you: I've tried toying around with the settings, and then reinstalling, but nothing seems to work. Thanks! n_n

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    As far as I know this is a bug on Blizzard's end, and I don't think there's anything we can do about it. That's all I can tell you, I'm afraid.

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    I'm sure it's just me, but I can't seem to find the filters options any more. I want to set my level filter to 1-85 on a level 68 mage to set up a set I want in the future. Is the filter option that allows you to no longer limit items to items within your level range no longer available or am I just missing it?

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    You now open it via the Catalogue menu.

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    I cannot seem to find a way to get the manual plugins such as mounts and armor sets to show up in game, are they supposed to be working ?

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    Hi Lombra,

    Great job on the update, its one of my favorite addons.

    I know the plugins such as 'MogIt_Mounts' or 'MogIt_Companions' don't work anymore. Is there a quick work around I can do to make them show up, i've tried editing the toc to 50001. No effect there. Or will they need to be redesigned altogether.


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    I'll be updating the extra modules soon.

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    Quote from Ashmuncher: Go

    strange bug. Whenever I try to zoom in on the previews, the models pop out of their boxes and onto the screen.

    Please don't patch this,

    I love this I can zoom in much further on my small 15" 1280x800, much prefer the character jumping out of the preview squares than being locked into them.

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