This little add-on allows you to track any buffs or debuffs on yourself or anybody else. For each buff it can also display either the value or the number of stacks. For example, you might want to track the number of stacks of a boss debuff on the raid's tank, or you might want to track the value of Ignite on your target.

The add-on works with the same unit names you might know from macros, such as "player", "target" or "pet", as well as specific character names.

To track a new buff or debuff, just type "/track", write the spell's name, find an icon to display it with, and press the button to create a little movable spell icon. This spell will be specific to that character on that spec.

To temporarily show all your tracking icons (so you can move them) - even ones that you set to show only in combat, or while the aura exists - type "/track show".

You can lock all tracking icons, making them immovable and unclickable, by typing "/track lock". Naturally, this can be reversed by typing "/track unlock".

If you unfortunately used this add-on's previous buggy version and now have errors when you log in, or the add-on claims you're already tracking things which you aren't really, you can type "/track reset spec" to remove everything tracked for the current spec, or "/track reset all" for all specs on the current character. That should hopefully fix this problem.


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Aug 11, 2013
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Jan 17, 2015
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