One button to mount, dismount, and use travel forms.
DE Ein Button, um zu aufsitzen, absitzen und Reisegestalten verwenden.
ES Un botón para montar, desmontar y usar las formas de viaje.

Bind a key to the game's built-in "Dismount" function. This key will then handle all your mounting, dismounting, and druid/shaman travel form needs. Use the Ctrl key modifier to force using a travel form when a mount would normally be used. Use the Shift key to force dismounting/unshifting while flying. Mounting uses the new "summon random mount" functionality added in Warlords of Draenor, so you must set some mounts as favorites first. There are no options.

If you want to set class-specific mounts as favorites, check out my other addon AnyFavoriteMount.


Glyphs that affect travel forms (eg. by making them as fast as ground mounts, or by splitting Flight Form off into a separate spell) are not yet supported.

Druid form support in general has not been extensively tested. Please report any issues you encounter.


Post a ticket on GitHub or post a thread on WowAce. If you are reporting a problem, please include the actual version number you are using, your character class and level, any relevant glyphs you are using, and whether the problem still happens when all other addons are disabled.


Date created
Nov 19, 2014
Last updated
Nov 19, 2014