Mage Taxi

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MageTaxi GUI

Why are there so many mods for trade skill spam and not a single one for the easiest money maker in the game: mage ports? Well here it is.

This is built to be simple and efficient for advertising mage ports.

Old versions of MageTaxi will need to be fully deleted! Don't just "drag-n-drop" replace it! (people actually still have them?!?!)

Automatically detects for Alliance/Horde
Easy one-button spamming
Automatic Trade channel detection once you enter a city/log in
Automatically disables ports the character hasn't learned yet
Custom pricing

/magetaxi OR /mtaxi to open window

Spam Button
Spams Trade channel advertising for ports (selected ports don't effect this!).

After receiving a port request, press this to advertise for more people for the selected port.

Last Call
Use this to announce a last call for the selected port.

Special Notes (please read before asking)
This will not work outside of a city, so spamming newbie zones isn't a concern.

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Date created
Feb 11, 2010
Last update
Dec 16, 2010
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All Rights Reserved
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