Change log

Update for 5.4.

  • TOC bump (50400)
  • Fix 'nil' error for units without race (such as Wrathion questline, and possibly Proving Grounds)

Known caveats

  • Do not run more than one RP AddOn which supports MSP simultaneously. This is a bad idea: it will break things, you’ll be warned that it will break things, and you don’t need to anyway as all MSP AddOns are already compatible with each other. Just pick one you like!
  • Blizzard currently do not allow AddOns to communicate between players on different realms—even though you may actually be able to see, interact, and talk with each other otherwise, due to cross-realm battlegrounds/instances/groups/coalesced zones, etc. If you would like cross-realm support, please petition Blizzard to support cross-realm (by "Name-Realm") SendAddOnMessage() whispers in circumstances where they allow normal whispers—MRP is already ready for the feature, when Blizzard are…
  • Tooltip: Other UI AddOns which modify the player tooltips, such as TipTac or GearScore, may fight with the more advanced tooltip styles over who gets to draw the tooltip (MRP usually wins). “Light” or “Flag-style” tooltips may be more compatible as they just add to the default tooltip instead of replacing it, but they look simpler because of that. In a pinch, you can entirely disable the tooltip support by selecting Blizzard Default tooltips. (Without getting every AddOn author to agree on a common API for tooltip management and modification—a potential nightmare—this may be rather hard to fix.)
  • Long “Currently” fields (as in TotalRP2) don’t show up well in MRP’s tooltip or browser. I’d like to fix that, but it does require rewriting the tooltip and browser to do it… maybe later.
  • Shapeshifting (Worgen): Unfortunately, Blizzard provide no API for telling us whether your worgen is currently human-shaped or furry. Therefore, MyRolePlay uses advanced gnomish “GuessWork™” technology to detect Human or Worgen forms. Like all gnomish technology, this can in rare circumstances backfire. You will need to force yourself into Worgen form by using Running Wild, casting Darkflight or getting into combat before it will be able to keep track. If it gets out of sync (it shouldn’t usually, but might in unusual circumstances), try doing one of those three things again to get it back into shape, or try changing profile manually. (All other forms should work OK, as these have an API and do not require advanced gnomish “GuessWork™”.)
  • Profile changes show up instantly for you, but can sometimes take up to 6 seconds to appear for other players. (This is by design, so the Mary Sue Protocol stays fast and doesn’t slow your computer down or flood the servers.)
  • Button: Can’t find the MRP button? Using custom/modified Unit Frames, perhaps? Try /mrp button reset or looking underneath the custom frames. Many popular ones (X-Perl, SUF, etc) are already supported: but if you still experience problems, please post about them and I’ll investigate.
  • RP Names: RP names only appear for players you have tooltip data of. They only appear in the principal RP channels: /say, /emote and /yell. (This means the RP name may not appear for the very first line someone speaks, if they haven’t spoken before near you in this session, requested your tooltip data, or you haven’t moused over them before in this session.) Note that having RP Names turned on may in rare circumstances make the Target function on right-click of a chat name unavailable, but I believe Blizzard have now fixed this taint bug.
  • Custom Buff Frames: Using a custom buff frame? Is your player tooltip showing up where your buff tooltips should? You’re not alone, but I can’t seem to reproduce it: maybe I’m not using the right ones. Please test with just MRP and your BuffFrames and see if it still happens. If so, let me know which UnitFrames and/or BuffFrames you’re using: it’s very probably their bug, but maybe I can work around it somehow or help them fix it.
  • Custom Chat Frames: Your custom chat frame AddOn may already have MSP support: check the options. If not, ask the author to talk to me and I can probably help them add it.


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Sep 15, 2013
Game version
  • 5.4.0
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