This project is experimental.

This project is only experimental and may change drastically between now and when it comes out of experimental status. It may even be disapproved once that happens, worst-case.

Be forewarned before downloading anything from this project.

I was delighted to see an un-restricted (no zoom or panning limits) minimap browser within the game itself with Navigator-legacy by Rettard. I plan to expand Navigator-legacy with this project adding route line overlays and perhaps map outlines like I did in my HTML/JavaScript program ( ) The first goal will to be to improve the performance of follow-mode by only having it pan when the player gets close to the edge, maybe even adjust zoom proportional to player speed. Second I plan to merge features from my other navigation addon. Third I plan to add overlays for route paths on the minimap and worldmap. Then if I have time after all that perhaps I might get around to adding other icons to the minimap as well (NPCs, quests, herbs/ores, making them show up only when zoomed in enough.)


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Apr 21, 2014
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Apr 21, 2014
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