Change log

v98 28-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed sound alerts to only play once per global cooldown

v97 26-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed a bug when moving actions x,y,h,w the nemo highlight would get messed up
Fixed a bug that was creating duplicate blizzard overlay frames
Fixed a bug where if you move a spell in combat Nemo would highlight the old slot
Fixed a bug that showed empty nemo highlight on small buttons
Fixed a bug that would select another rotation when disabling a small button
Fixed a bug that allowed you to right click invisible small buttons and disable actions on accident

v96 25-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Changed action initialization to allow partial intialization in combat
Changed sound alerts to only play once right after criteria passes
Rewrote and simplified the Nemo engine
Reduced the Nemo update interval to .05 seconds from .20. Actions display quicker
Enhanced initialization function to allow criteria changes in combat
Fixed some bugs with highest priority texture displaying
Fixed another bug with Arcane Rune of Power rotation
Fixed protection paladin consecration to handle glyphed consecration as well

v95 23-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed Arcane rune of power buff expiring action

v94 22-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed simcraft parsing bug with lines without if statement
Fixed a bug with the overlay not resizing when moving or changing action sizes
Update Mage Arcane rotation

v93 19-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Localized rotations in ptBR, frFR, deDE updated with english rotations just to get them up to date

v92 19-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed Nemo_Data.lua:262 bad argument #1 to 'loadstring' (string expected, got table) by displaying a error message when importing bad rotations
Increased init pending message spam to 20 seconds

v91 18-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Added a warning message when rotation changes are pending

v90 18-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Enabled action name tooltips
Fixed a bug with action toggling
Added Frost and Unholy DK rotations
Fixed Devouring Plague debuff timeleft in Shadow rotation
Added GetRuneSlotCooldown to Deathknight class criteria

v89 15-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Updated localization

v88 15-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed Windwalker Jab

v87 14-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Changed the way Nemo gets textures for the Nemo actions
Added ACTIONBAR_SLOT_CHANGED event tracking to update spell textures
Added Shred! spell texture data to Feral rotation

v86 14-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
toc update

v85 14-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Added attack power buffs list to Deathknights
Updated Demonology and Destruction rotations
Changed Nemo.GetTalentEnabled to accept spellIDs

v84 09-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed a bug with tick time tracking on dots
Reduced CPU usage on UNIT_AURA events
Added GetSecondsInMetamorphosis to Warlock class criteria

v83 08-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Added print highest priority to chat window option to help with debugging

v82 07-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Added more fixes for Warlock simcraft importer
Added GetSpellAppliedAttackPower criteria
Fixed dot.X.attack_power in simcraft importer
Fixed Warlock Demonology Soul Fire not casting when under 25%

v81 05-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed numerous Warlock simcraft import bugs

v80 05-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed numerous warlock simcraft import bugs

v79 05-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed Warlock Demonology simcraft import error
Fixed shift right click not working on actions after moving their priority up or down
Added GetNumberOfGroupMembersWithCurableDebuffType Group criteria

v78 04-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed cooldown_remains for blood,frost,unholy runes in simcraft parser
Added RuneCooldown criteria for Deathknights

v77 04-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed hit_damage in simcraft importer
Fixed plague leech debuff checking in simcraft importer
Big improvements to spell cache DB
Add Spell criteria GetSpellDamage
Fixes for Blood DK simcraft importer

v76 03-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed numerous Deathknight simcraft importer issues

v75 03-Aug-13 -----------------------------------
Fixed simcraft aoe syntax errors


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Aug 29, 2013
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