OhSnap v1.4

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OhSnap: Anchor visible

OhSnap is an addon that will help you to improve your PvP awareness in arenas and in battlegrounds.

If you think the addon is missing important spells and buffs of 5.1, please let me know in comment section!
Thank you!

It has 4 priority settings, going from high (1) to low (4):

  1. Spell alerts, Huge font: Polymorphs, Cyclone, Roots..
  2. Annoying buffs, Large font: Divine Shield, Ice Block, Resting..
  3. Noticeable buffs, Normal font: Evocation, Lichborne..
  4. Profitable debuffs, Small font: Hypothermia, Weakened Soul..

In arena the addon will show information from all hostile targets you can find. Out of arenas it will show information only from your target.

With the GUI you can configure the messages, change font size, different font style, remove icons, remove comments, add spellnames..
You can also enable test mode on go watch ie. duelers whacking each other outside of Orgrimmar.

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  • Avatar of penpiddin penpiddin Sep 11, 2012 at 21:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Brilliant "Must have" addon for Bgs and Arena. Currently its not functioning properly in patch 5.0.4.

    Any chance of an update or a fix please or could you advise the community if you dont have time to maintain or update ?

    Many thanks.

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