3 - Questhelper 2 interaction is causeing problems with OmegaMap dropdowns.

Reported by MeEtc0 via ticket 2.

Something else appears to be interfering with the menus of OmegaMap. If I try using one of the dropdown menus, it almost instantly closes. I believe this is a conflict with another addon because it does not happen with my banker toon which has most addons disabled. I will try finding out what one and post an update. I have this happen with AlphaMap as well when the map is open. Closing the Alphamap map and keeping the option window resolves this.

For the dropdown menu problem, I have narrowed it down to an issue with QuestHelper2. When I disable this, the menus work fine. However, with OmegaMap and QuestHelper2 both enabled on my bank toon (most of my normal addons disabled), the problem does not occur. So, it has something to do with QuestHelper2 *AND* something else combined. I'm still trying addon combinations, and will edit this if I find something else

Found the cause. only happens with the QuestHelper2 objective arrow enabled. This also seems to be causing the non-interactive map issue with the digsite button.

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Aug 15, 2012
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