0.96 beta70 FAN UPDATE for MoP

Change log

0.96 beta70 FAN UPDATE for MoP

Fan v3:

  • fixed text issue that was causing MONK abilities not to show up
  • fixed GetRealNum* entry in AceEvent

Fan v2:

  • Fixed Paladin spellDB (removed Divine Sacrifice and updated GoAK spellID)
  • GoAK is not detected properly and doesn't announce

Fan v1:

  • Fixed OptiTaunt v0.96 beta70 to work with MoP
  • Added Monk support.
  • Removed spells/abilities that no longer exist
  • Added new spells/abilities and updated timers on existing ones.

0.96 beta70

  • 4.3 update

0.96 beta50

  • fixed bug in standby functionality

0.96 beta40

  • reworked SpellDB and options
  • new Event Handling AddSpell-GUI not finished yet, use "/run OptiTaunt:AddAbility(spellId)" to add missing spells.
  • To avoid problems, choose a char-based profile at first.

0.95 rev12

  • 4.3 release

0.95 rev11

  • 4.2 release

0.95 rev10

  • fixed bug with LDB plugin options

0.95 rev9

  • added LDB plugin
  • removed FuBar and Tablet
  • various code changes for the upcoming DB rewrite

0.95 rev8

  • fixed issue with oRA3 plugin

0.95 rev7

Core enhancements, Ace3 conversion will follow asap

  • LOTS of improvements
  • Tank specific dmg reduction abilities (Shield Wall, Icebound Fortitude etc) now correctly update the duration (e.g. Tier11 bonus)
  • Druid's Skull Bash and Deathknight's Strangulate should now announce correctly
  • added a PullTimer option

0.95 rev3

  • added Rallying Cry
  • changed handling of multi-target buff/debuff (Challenging Shouts, Divine Guardian etc.)
  • fixed some spells (Guardian of Ancient Kings should announce properly now)

0.95 rev2

  • 4.1 release
  • fixed some spells (Guardian of Ancient Kings should announce properly now)

0.95 beta6

pre-release for testing

  • fixed bug in zone-based PvP Check

0.95 beta5

pre-release for testing

  • fixes / additions in spell DB
  • Enhanced zone-based PvP Check

0.95 beta3

pre-release for testing

  • fixes in Druid spell DB
  • TEST: DBM timer for party/raid counterspells (to deactivate, change OptiTaunt.lua:3500 to 'local showCStimer = false')

0.95 beta2

pre-release for testing

  • added Skull Bash and Rebuke
  • some minor fixes

0.95 beta

pre-release for testing

  • class / spell DB enhancements
  • some minor fixes


  • DK abilities fixed
  • some minor fixes


extended functionality

  • Announcement of various raid/dungeon debuffs (categorized in stun, magic, curse, poison, disease)
  • Announcement of disarm
  • Announcement of heal intensive debuffs
  • Announcement of secondary abilities (like the warrior's disarm, shield bash, paladin's bubble, LoH ...)
  • Announcement of procs (Ardent Defender)
  • Announcement of Taunt statistics


Uploaded on
Dec 28, 2012
Game version
  • 5.1.0
204.0 KiB