Change log

tag v2.1-release
PProvost <peter@provost.org>
2009-08-10 10:59:05 -0600

Tagging as v2.1-release


    - Minor update to layout; Updated TOC file
    - Replaced custom Threat coloring code with built-in oUF based system
    Minor layout adjustments and code cleanu
    - Updated README.textile for changed make in v2.1-beta1
    - Changed PowerText to use the new custom tag
    Removed party and raid pets
    Changed the layout of the new player/target block since there are no
    more buffs/auras
    - Added [qpower] tag to CustomTags.lua
    - Initial reworking of raid/pet layout for 25-man optimization
    - Removed target auras
    Added PvP icon
    - Updated TOC for Patch 3.1
    Fixed a bug in the ThreatColor function
    - Added power text and moved castbar text to left side
    Readycheck icons should only appear on the raid and party frames
    - Updated README file
    - Removed the healer mode stuff... it isn't ready yet.
    - Added CustomTags.lua
    Added pet happiness coloring to pet name
    - First working version of healer mode
    - Added credits to TOC and README
    - Added .docmeta for auto-updating of Main page on curse and curseforge
    Updated README.textile
    - Updated README file
    - More code cleanup
    Re-enabled PostAuraCreate code since I like that look better
    Moved player and target raid icons to the top
    Added better "UnitCasting" code so the player frame appears when doing tradeskills
    Changed the event used for threat coloring. Hopefully this one works better.
    - Fixed some empty tag issues
    Change party pet styles a bit
    - Replaced oUF_Banzai support with built-in threat system
    Added oUF_RuneBar support for DeathKnights
    - Created custom oUF styles for party pets to better control their layout
    Switched to a new raid layout with 5 groups in column one, 3 groups in column 2 (for 40 man raids) and raid pets below column 1.
    - Removed PostCreateAuraIcon - not needed
    Switched to built-in RaidIcon support
    Changed Raid layout - smaller and more compact
    - More code cleanup. Deleted a bunch of stuff that was no longer needed.
    - Converted to tag based text strings and simplified the unit factory
    - Introduced global oUF_Quaiche table to hold shared/global stuff
    - Increased font size on player and target name
    - New party & raid pet layout
    Made the player and target frames wider and closer together
    - Changes to bar sizing to make things look clearer
    - Disabled oUF_Banzai for target frame
    - Send "onlyShowPlayer" on target.Debuffs
    - Reworked the layout of the player and target blocks to better display
    buffs and debuffs on those frames and still keep pet, focus, tot and
    focustarget in a central location
    - Shrunk aura icons down to 14.
    Disabled filtering on target buffs
    - More changes to buff filtering. This one feel right so far.
    - Stupid type bug
    - Deleted some dead code
    Combined some redundant checks
    Shrunk aura icons to 18
    - - Rewrote the name update code
    - Updated alpha faders to properly fade when warrior/bear rage is at zero
    - Added build in AFK checking and removed oUF_AFKIcon support
    - Pulled oUF_BarFader support from readme
    - Removed oUF_Fader support (buggy) and implemented my own alpha/fader
    - Pulled uiscale and resolution values into config params
    - Switched to colorClassPet from new oUF runtime
    Added semi-automatic sizing of the border based on uiscale and resolution
    Increased aura sizing a bit
    - Added oUF_Fader support
    - Fixed broken coloring on pets
    - Added README.textile
    - Final commit of v2.0 before converting to git
    - MERGE oUF_Quaiche branches/v2.0-dev r13:16 into trunk
    - Final commit before branching to new version
    - Added party pets
    Bunch of code cleanup
    - - Fixed raid icon bug from new oUF changes
    - Removed oUF_Lifebloom Support
    - - Moved top position down a bit
    - Added preliminary support for oUF_LifebloomStack
    - Reenabled hiding player frame when not in group
    - Minor tweaks and tunings.
    - Update TOC author field
    - Shrunk all frames a bit.
    - Initial import
    - "ouf_quaiche/mainline: Initial Import"


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Aug 10, 2009
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