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I'm only trying it with three different outfits 'cause it's complicated enough.  If you need more information, I'll get it for you.
1. Druid Caster Form - Full outfit.  Shift to Epic Flight Form - Only trinket slot 1 switch.
2. Shift from Epic Flight Form to Cat Form - Full outfit.
3. Shift from Cat Form to Epic Flight Form - Switches to Caster Form outfit and then applies the trinket slot 1 change.

Shouldn't it only switch the trinket no matter what previous outfit was worn?
I've had this problem ever since I started using outfitter, I've worked around it by simply turning off the auto outfit switching and manually switching to the trinket and back whenever I need it.  It causes no errors but it did stop working for the Flight Form outfit entirely when I tried to reverse the two base outfits to duplicate the error and I had to reset it by unselecting and reselecting the Flight Form outfit.

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    Outfitter requires that one Complete outfit is always equipped, so when it unequips your Cat outfit it automatically picks the most recently equipped Complete outfit to replace it, which is your Caster outfit.

    I'm guessing that what you want is for your Cat outfit to stay equipped even though you're no longer in Cat form if you switch to Flight form. There's not an easy way to do this though -- you'd have to write a more complex script for the Cat outfit which prevents it from unequipping when switching to Flight form.

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