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Basic Sub Script

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    #1 Sep 15, 2012 at 11:50 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi, never made a script before but hashed together this basic script for Subtlety. Some credit is due to Leafkiller as his assassination script helped me a lot in making this. I don't know what the optimal rotation for sub is, and so this script basically just tells you to keep rupture and slice and dice up, build combo points with backstab (or ambush in stealth/dance) and use up excess points with eviscerate.


    • There is a check box called Hemorrhage, if you tick this the rotation will replace backstab with Hemorrhage, to be used on a fight when you cannot get behind a target. In this mode there is no adjustment to the rotation during shadow dance, because I don't know what you should cast during dance if ambush is unavailable
    • There is no logic for premed use, I have this macro'd to ambush so I can use it every shadow dance automatically. I started trying to work out some logic for when to use premed to avoid wasting combo points, but considering the level 90 talents I expect this problem to go away by itself.

    Feedback, or any additional pieces you would like to see added to the rotation would be appreciated and I will try to incorporate

    The Script:

    Define(ambush 8676) SpellInfo(ambush energy=60 combo=2 ) Define(anticipation 114015) Define(backstab 53) SpellInfo(backstab energy=35 combo=1 ) Define(eviscerate 2098) SpellInfo(eviscerate combo=0 energy=35 ) Define(find_weakness 91021) SpellInfo(find_weakness duration=10 ) SpellAddBuff(find_weakness find_weakness=1) Define(hemorrhage 16511) SpellInfo(hemorrhage energy=30 combo=1 ) Define(honor_among_thieves 51701) Define(kick 1766) SpellInfo(kick duration=5 energy=15 cd=15 ) Define(master_of_subtlety 31223) Define(premeditation 14183) SpellInfo(premeditation duration=20 combo=2 cd=20 ) Define(preparation 14185) SpellInfo(preparation cd=300 ) Define(rupture 1943) SpellInfo(rupture duration=4 combo=0 energy=25 ) SpellAddTargetDebuff(rupture rupture=1) Define(shadow_dance 51713) SpellInfo(shadow_dance duration=8 cd=60 ) SpellAddBuff(shadow_dance shadow_dance=1) Define(slice_and_dice 5171) SpellInfo(slice_and_dice duration=6 combo=0 energy=25 ) SpellAddBuff(slice_and_dice slice_and_dice=1) Define(stealth 115191) SpellAddBuff(stealth stealth=1) Define(tricks_of_the_trade 57934) SpellInfo(tricks_of_the_trade duration=6 ) SpellAddBuff(tricks_of_the_trade tricks_of_the_trade=1) Define(vanish 1856) SpellInfo(vanish cd=180 ) SpellAddBuff(vanish vanish=1) Define(preparation_talent 10)

    AddCheckBox(hem SpellName(hemorrhage) default mastery=3)

    AddFunction CPBuilder { if CheckBoxOn(hem) { Spell(hemorrhage) } if BuffPresent(shadow_dance) or BuffPresent(stealth) Spell(ambush) Spell(backstab) }

    AddIcon help=cd size=small mastery=3 { Spell(shadow_dance) }

    AddIcon mastery=3 help=main { if not BuffPresent(slice_and_dice) and ComboPoints(more 0) Spell(slice_and_dice) if not TargetDebuffPresent(rupture) and ComboPoints(more 3) Spell(rupture) if ComboPoints(more 0) and TargetDebuffExpires(rupture 3 mine=1) Spell(rupture) if ComboPoints(more 0) and BuffExpires(slice_and_dice 3) Spell(slice_and_dice) if ComboPoints(more 4) Spell(eviscerate) CPBuilder() }

    AddIcon help=cd size=small mastery=3 { Spell(tricks_of_the_trade) }

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