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1 - MoP combat table quirks

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
Assuming the combined block + avoidance custom stat is meant as an "at a glance" approximation of table coverage
ie. "How many hits on me are going to be avoided or mitigated overall?"
This has changed significantly in MoP

I don't know how it could be presented but what applies is roughly this:
- Block is on a second roll meaning that the % percent reported on the character sheet applies to that part of the combat table that remains after the rolls for enemy+hit/playerdodge/playerparry have been made.
If for example you have 15% dodge, 35% to parry and 5% to be missed (more on miss below) and 25% chance to block your actual block chance is 25% of 100-(15+35+5) = 25% of 45 that's to say 11.25% in terms of enemy attack table coverage is blocked (and a part of that 11.25% is critically blocked).

- Miss (this is important)
Base miss chance in MoP is 3% (not 5%) and additionally no racials affect it (Night Elf has been converted from -enemyhit to +playerdodge)
Now an enemy NPC gains 1.5% of extra hit for every level it has over the player so
Tank at lvl90 = base chance to be missed 3%, Dungeon Elite at 91 = 3-1.5 = 1.5% for player to be missed,
Dungeon 5manBoss at 92 = 3-(2*1.5) = 0% chance for player to be missed,
Raid boss at 93% = again 0% chance to be missed (it doesn't go negative)

What this means in regards to avoidance+block as a quick representation of "what % of hits against me will I avoid or mitigate?"
Player vs same level NPC: dodge+parry+3+((1-(dodge+parry+3)) * blockchance)
Player vs +1 level NPC: dodge+parry+1.5+((1-(dodge+parry+1.5)) * blockchance)
Player vs +2 and above level NPC: dodge+parry+((1-(dodge+parry) )* blockchance)

The current sum is not mathematically wrong ofc, but the information most players will garner from it is misleading since the 3 forms of removing hits are no longer on the same footing so to speak.

Hope I didn't confuse :-)
Maybe the simplest option would be to just remove the sum for now and leave only the dodge/parry one that's still valid.

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Road_Block Sep 18, 2012 at 17:11 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of Lombra Lombra Nov 01, 2012 at 13:45 UTC - 0 likes

    Ugh, stupid ticket notifications not being enabled by default...

    Thanks for the headsup! I knew that this all had changed, but not to what extent, until now. I had definitely not considered this addon when I became aware of the changes. That being said, the avoidance + block stat was indeed intended for the now outdated combat table coverage, and I will just remove it. Thinking of removing dodge + parry as well; all it does is perform some fairly simple arithmetics, but I guess I may just as well leave it in for now.

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Sep 18, 2012
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