Pet Selector


Change log

<font color="blue"></font> Added: Option to select Tenacity pet when solo, requested by tjrunion
<font color="blue"></font> Changed: ToC updated to 4.3
Fixed: Macro icon code updated to reflect Blizzard's latest lua change
<font color="blue"></font> Changed: French locale updated, thanks to Araldwenn
<font color="blue"></font> Fixed: French locale error corrected, reported by Araldwenn
<font color="blue"></font> Added: zhCN localisation added, thanks to tss1398383123
Fixed: Minor bug in bindings.xml
<font color="blue"></font> Fixed: koKR localisation added, many thanks to Woodson22
<font color="blue"></font> Fixed: koKR localisation added properly, honest, I mean it this time
<font color="blue"></font> Fixed: koKR localisation added properly this time
<font color="blue"></font> Added: koKR localisation added
<font color="blue"></font> Added: Option to hide Pet Selector's button, requested by Tordenflesk
Added: Key binding option to call Pet Selector's selected pet, requested by Tordenflesk
Changed: Support for Masque added (new name for Button Facade)
<font color="blue"></font> Fixed: Addon taken out of test mode - oops, reported by 00288476
Added: Data broker support and key binding support added, requested by Tordenflesk
<font color="blue"></font> Changed: Button redesigned to enable support for Button Facade, requested by Gabriel
Added: Option to show a list of pets that can fill any gaps in the buffs the hunter can provide, requested by Todger
<font color="blue"></font> Changed: ToC updated for 4.2.0
<font color="blue"></font> Added: zhTW localisation
<font color="blue"></font> Fixed: Buff bug
<font color="blue"></font> Added: Facility to exclude players from the buff scan - suggested by Wheelz13
Fixed: Localisation issue - thanks Winddancer123
Fixed: Missing buffs - thanks Wheelz13, Winddancer123
<font color="blue"></font> Added: More buffs
Added: French translation thanks to Vorschluck
Changed: Macros are now localised
<font color="blue"></font> Changed: ToC updated for 4.1.0
<font color="blue">v4.0.1.2</font>
Fixed: Packager externals issue
<font color="blue">v4.0.1.1</font>
Changed: Debug flag turned off >.<
<font color="blue">v4.0.1.0</font>
Initial Release


Uploaded on
Jan 08, 2012
Game version
  • 4.3.0
160.8 KiB