123 - Display trainer locations

(I'm creating this separate ticket for this separate idea)


Perhaps a option to show Master Trainers or all Trainer locations as well, would be very helpful.

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  • Avatar of spiralofhope spiralofhope Jan 04, 2013 at 09:50 UTC - 0 likes

    @Durandil: Go

    I also started using TomTom in the same way you do.

  • Avatar of Durandil Durandil Jan 03, 2013 at 21:35 UTC - 0 likes

    I was just going to post this suggestion as well.

    Similar to how you have icons on the city maps for vendors who sell pets, Icons for the 4 Pandaren Spirit Tamers and Battle Pet Tamers with dailies would be sweet.

    Currently, I use tomtom waypoints, but a persistent map icon would be really nice. (Additonally, a note on mouseover of the icon with the pet types you'll be fighting, and possible drops would be be helpful, too.)

    From Wowhead:

    Pandaren Spirit Tamers (Chance to loot Pandaren Spirit Pets from Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies)

    /way Kun-Lai Summit 64.8 93.6 Thundering Pandaren Spirit (LEGENDARY Elemental+Critter+Beast)
    /way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 67.4 14.8 Thundering Pandaren Spirit (LEGENDARY Elemental+Critter+Beast)
    (Thundering Pandaren Spirit is in between zones.)
    (Chance to loot Pandaren Earth Spirit from Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies)
    /way Townlong Steppes 57.0 42.2 Burning Pandaren Spirit (LEGENDARY Elemental+Dragonkin+Flying)
    (Chance to loot Pandaren Fire Spirit from Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies)
    /way The Jade Forest 28.8 36.0 Whispering Pandaren Spirit (LEGENDARY Elemental+Dragonkin+Critter)
    (Chance to loot Pandaren Air Spirit from Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies)
    /way Dread Wastes 61.2 87.6 Flowing Pandaren Spirit (LEGENDARY Elemental+Aquatic+Critter)
    (Chance to loot Pandaren Water Spirit from Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies)

    Grand Master Pet Tamers (Chance to loot Porcupette from Sack of Pet Supplies)

    /way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 67.6 40.8 Aki the Chosen (LEGENDARY Critter+Dragonkin+Aquatic)
    /way Townlong Steppes 36.2 52.2 Seeker Zusshi (EPIC Elemental+Critter+Aquatic)
    /way Krasarang Wilds 62.2 45.8 Mo'ruk (EPIC Flying+Aquatic+Beast)
    /way The Jade Forest 48.0 54.0 Hyuna of the Shrines (EPIC Aquatic+Beast+Flying)
    /way Valley of the Four Winds 46.0 43.6 Farmer Nishi (EPIC Elemental+Elemental+Beast)
    /way Kun-Lai Summit 35.8 73.6 Courageous Yon (EPIC Flying+Critter+Beast)
    /way Dread Wastes 55.0 37.6 Wastewalker Shu (EPIC Aquatic+Beast+Elemental)

    Master Pet Tamers (Chance to loot Porcupette from Sack of Pet Supplies)

    /way Uldum 56.6 41.8 Obalis (EPIC Critter+Flying+Beast)
    /way Icecrown 77.4 19.6 Major Payne (RARE Beast+Mechanical+Aquatic)
    /way Shadowmoon Valley 31.0 41.4 Bloodknight Antari (RARE Magic+Elemental+Dragonkin)
    /way Deadwind Pass 40.2 76.6 Lydia Accoste (RARE Undead+Undead+Elemental)
    /way Winterspring 65.6 64.6 Stone Cold Trixxy (RARE Flying+Dragonkin+Beast)

    During the Darkmoon Faire: Jeremy Feasel - Darkmoon Island - Darkmoon Pet Battle! daily quest (EPIC mechanical+beast+magic) (Chance to loot Darkmoon Eye from Darkmoon Pet Supplies)

    Last edited Jan 03, 2013 by Durandil: Almost forgot Darkmoon Faire
  • Avatar of spiralofhope spiralofhope Dec 30, 2012 at 08:17 UTC - 1 like

    This sort of idea would be extremely useful.

    I would also add to track which masters have been fought that day. Even if it's just the user who sets a flag for each, it would be helpful. Then each master indicator can be changed to show if they've been flagged as fought or not.

    This type of request does get into another field altogether though.

    I've been tinkering with Daily To-Do's for this sort of feature, but it does not indicate where all the masters are on the map.

    Somewhere I had a bookmark of all the master locations in Pandaria, but I've since lost it. If I find it I'll note it here.



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