250 - Add captured pet information to the blip tooltip.

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
When mousing over a pet blip on the world map it would be helpful to see a list of pets of that type that I have already captured. The pet names should be color coded based on quality and should also contain the levels of each pet captured.

Please provide any additional information below.
Below is the code I created locally to do just that. I added this to the Map:UpdateTip function in WorldMap.lua I attached a screenshot of what the finished product looks like. Feel free use this if you would like.


function Map:UpdateTip()
    Tooltip:Anchor(BlipParent, 'ANCHOR_CURSOR')

    for i, blip in ipairs(self.blips do
        if blip:IsMouseOver() then
            local title, text = blip:GetTooltip()

            Tooltip:AddLine(text, 1,1,1)

            -- ***** My Changes **********
            if not (title == "Stable Master") then
                local TooltipOwnedPets = "\n|cff82c5ff" .. _G.BATTLE_PET_CAPTURED .. _G.HEADER_COLON .. "|r\n"

                local petList = Journal:GetOwned(blip.specie.specie
                if (#petList > 0) then
                    -- Loop thru all the pets of this type and add info to tooltip.
                    for j, petID in pairs(petList) do
                        local Rarity, PetLevel = Journal:GetQuality(petID), Journal:GetLevel(petID)
                        TooltipOwnedPets = TooltipOwnedPets .. _G.ITEM_QUALITY_COLORS[Rarity-1].hex ..  _G["BATTLE_PET_BREED_QUALITY"..Rarity] .. "|r |cffffffff"
                        TooltipOwnedPets = TooltipOwnedPets .. _G.PARENS_TEMPLATE:format(string.format("%s %d", _G.LEVEL_ABBR, PetLevel)) .. "|r, "

                    -- Remove last comma from tooltip.
                    TooltipOwnedPets = string.sub(TooltipOwnedPets, 1, -3)
                    -- No pets of this type owned.
                    TooltipOwnedPets = TooltipOwnedPets .. "|cffff2020" .. _G.NONE .. "|r"

            -- ***************************

    for i = 1, GetNumMapLandmarks() do
        local frame = _G['WorldMapFramePOI' .. i]

        if frame and frame:IsMouseOver() then
            local tamer = Tamer:Get(

            if tamer then
                Tooltip:AddLine(NORMAL_FONT_COLOR_CODE .. frame.description .. FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE)

                for i, pet in ipairs(tamer) do
                    local r,g,b = Addon:GetQualityColor(pet:GetQuality())
                    local icon = format('|T%s:16:16:-3:0:128:256:60:100:130:170:255:255:255|t', Journal:GetTypeIcon(pet:GetSpecie()))

                    Tooltip:AddLine(icon .. pet:GetName() .. ' (' .. pet:GetLevel() .. ')', r,g,b)


  • Tooltip_Sample.png
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