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The aim of this addon was to help people decide where the best place to farm a particular item is (or just where to farm in general).

Pillager records the following data:

- Session Time
How long you have been playing for this session.

- Durability Costs Incurred
Cost to repair damage received this session.

- Earnings/Losses
This records the difference in cash in hand between the start and end of a session,
and therefore includes money earned/spent on the auction house etc.

- Loot Received
Pillager has a loot window that tracks all items received via looting.
This includes gathering professions like mining and herbalism etc.

Please remember - this is the first addon (that I have created from scratch) and is still a work in progress. More features to come!

How to Use Pillager:

Pillager is very easy to use. From the moment you logon with it enabled, Pillager will begin recording data.

Right click on the Pillager bar to drag it around the screen

To save space, the Pillager bar displays the minimum amount of information. You can expand this bar to show the details window, which offers more information as well as buttons to open the options menu or close pillager (data will continue to be recorded even if the Pillager window is closed).

All options in the options menu are also available as slash commands.

/pill commands - displays a list of available slash commands ( /pill and /pillager are interchangeable).

Planned Features:

I *plan* to have it record the vendor values of all grey items, along with AH sell prices of other items, for all items obtained during questing. You can then compare the amounts you "pillage" from various places in order to determine the best area for farming/pillaging. These features will slowly be added in various v0.X beta releases until I have incorporated everything for v1.0.

Most of the things that I intend Pillager to do are already done by other addons. I am using this as a project to teach me Lua, but I am also trying to add things that similar addons do not do, such as tracking the damage to durability ONLY for equipped items.


Any feedback would be much appreciated - whether it's suggesting new features, or advice on how to organize my code - which is really messy at the moment, take a look ;-)

If you have a problem, please Post a ticket with the error. I will try to fix them ASAP!

I would also like to say a big thank you to the folks on the wowace IRC channel for all their help!

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Jan 26, 2009
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