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LDB Display

Update of the original PirateSpeak by Blaquen.
This update was done with permission from the original author.

Pirate Speak makes you talk like a Pirate.
Typing a phrase in chat like: "How are you doing Asterlyn?" will be sent as: "How ye doin' Asterlyn? Arrr!"

New with version 2.2
The translation data has been moved to an account level saved variable. This is the first step towards allowing users to create their own translations. The translation table saved variable will be located in your World of Warcraft directory under:  WTF\Account\accountname\SavedVariables\PirateSpeak.lua  If you are feeling brave and adventurous, you can edit the values in this file to modify existing translations or create new ones. If you screw something up, just log off, delete this file and a clean copy will be created the next time you log on.  

New with version 2.0
Pirate Speak can be managed via a LDB Display addon such as Fortress, ChocolateBar, DockingStation, etc. Left clicking on the LDB display toggles Pirate Speak on and off. Right clicking toggles strict mode on and off (see next paragraph). Mouse-over the LBD display shows a tool-tip with the current status.

Added new command: /pstrict:  This command toggles between the normal verbose mode of Pirate Speak and a new strict mode. By default, Pirate Speak may append, prepend or inject additional phrases to the original text. This results in a simple chat message like "How are you doing Asterlyn?" becoming something like: "Skink me! How ye doin', yarr, Asterlyn? Arrr!". By enabling strict mode, "How are you doing Asterlyn?" would become "How ye doin' Asterlyn?" The superfluous appends, prepends and injected phrases are suppressed.


/pspeak [on/off]
toggles it on and off. Remembered per character.

by itself will show you the command line help in game

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Feb 11, 2007
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Oct 11, 2010
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