Professional v.1.0k

Change log

v1.0k beta test Fixed naming and showing of guides. Fixed close button from not showing.

v1.0j.1 beta test Fixes the blacksmith error, however this version does not fix the guide display, so no game guide will popup for you.

v.1.0j beta test Contains more guides converted to the new engine format. There are some that need to be worked on yet and will be released at the next update. This should fix any problems with Professional not opening for some users as well. I have left the support ticket open for others to use if they still encounter the problem.

v.1.0i beta test Updated to a new engine for guides to match current skill in profession. Alchemy is the only guide at this time in the new format. Added a minimap icon below clock that is ? and will open Professional with out /pro or /professional (but these commands still work). Updated guide info screen to no longer use background strata.

v.1.0h beta test A "patch file" was given to me to fix the scrollframe text to stay in the frame by llothos on wowinterface. I fixed some minor typos, and fixed some functions. A First aid button and lib have been added.

v.1.0g beta test updated frame.lua for an error of " ..\AddOns\Professional\Frame.lua line 126: '<eof>' expected near 'end' ". I don't know if I fixed it or not. If you still get the error, contact me as I'm not getting the error. This is even more true if your locale is not English!

v.1.0f beta test updated frame.lua for locale support. In Lib folder all the lua files have been updated for locale support. Translations of buttons and guides required. So for now anything but English won't show. If you wish you may downgrade to v.1.0e during the process of translation.

v.1.0e beta test updated frame.lua in preparation for locale support. Locale support is not active at this time, until I can't work out any bugs. Updated alchemy, blacksmithing and enchanting guides for hyperlinks. Blacksmithing and enchanting items needed are prepped for checklist frame. Checklist is still in process of being developed. Any translations of the guides MUST contain the hyperlinks and not alter the original system in order to be official to Professional. I will include a readme for the guides for translations in the near future. Updated Lib/About.lua

v.1.0d beta test changed frame.xml to allow a more dynamic textstring scroll within a framescroll. Tested all guides for length not getting cutoff and appears to work.

v.1.0c beta test with improved Alchemy guide including partial hyperlinks (like in the chat channels). Addition of Cooking as per request. I don't have a guide written for it yet, so if anyone wishes to contribute a guide to speed up the process, please do. ScrollingFrame text does not scroll. (please help on this if you know the solution. preferably with out fuaxscrollframe. Mine is based from TradeTrax help window, which does not use such a method that I'm aware of.)

v.1.0b beta test with full data. known bug is scrolling does not seem to work.

v.1.0a alpha test to see if most functions work


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Jun 02, 2010
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  • 3.3.5
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