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Example of prices next to recipes

Professionist is a small add-on with lots of tweaks and features.

Version 2.0.0 contains:

  • Hides social button
  • Hides gryphons next to actionbars
  • Popup upon entering instance to hide the quest objectives (will save settings if instance is the same as the previous instance, sessions only)
  • Automatic role selection upon entering a group (based on spec)
  • Announcing interrupts and dispelling
  • Adding mats prices next to recipes in Professionframe. (does not count unknown mats prices, so prices may be lower) THIS FEATURE REQUIRES AUCTIONATOR. MORE ADDONS WILL BE ADDED LATER FOR COMPATIBILITY
  • Target-dependent macro. Read below for more information
  • Can scan guild notes for "Main" or "Alt of". This feature has to be expanded still.

How does the Target-dependent macro work?

Ever want to use a macro, but always have to change the target name? this feature solves it. It can use all macros containing @Target, for example: /cast [@TankLol] Misdirection. When you check the macro interface (type /macro in chat) you see a new button: "MDTarget". If you click this button, he will scan the currently active editing macro. If this macro contains the character "&", it will make a new macro called MDTargetMacro. For example: /cast [@&] Misdirection. You can change the target of this macro by using the dropdown menu on your UIPanel.

Known bugs: None yet, plz inform me if you have one.

If you have found a bug or want to submit a feature, plz comment below or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Jeremybell EU-Executus


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Aug 05, 2012
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Dec 11, 2012
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