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Just a quick toy I made for fun. Uses the original 8ball answers.

Usage: /8ball [auto | keyword | <output channel>]
(or /eightball)
- Output channels: guild, party, raid, bg, yell, say, chan, whisper
- keyword <keyword>: Automatic reply when someone beings a sentance with the keyword.
- Auto: turns on/off automatic replies yes/no questions.

- If /8ball does not work, you can use /eightball
- Automatic response tries to recognize a question as a yes/no question, however it is far from perfect.
- Automatic replies either using auto or the keyword will NOT respond to system channels (general/trade/etc), nor battleground channel.

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  • Avatar of oDiDio oDiDio Mar 03, 2010 at 18:24 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey there! I love this addon. I play from Germany, so I translated the Answers into German.
    But when I tried to translate the auto-reply Words into German 8Ball stopped working. Is there something I have to keep in mind when I change something there?
    Thx for your work.

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