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This addon is very simple and serves one purpose. To notify you when you select a rare (the ones with the Silver Dragons) as a target or when you mouseover a rare in the gameworld.

It notifies you in two places. One line in the chat log and one in the Error Frame (where you get 'you do not have enough energy/mana/rage' messages)

The addon will work even if the mob is a full elite mob (the gold dragon portrait kind) informing you that it is a rare if it is also a rare as well as an elite mob.

There is a timer built in to make sure that the log and error frame do not get spammed and the addon will not announce more than once every minute.

The addon is localised for French and German but I have not done any testing on those WoW clients so any feedback would be appreciated.

The addon now also can notify you if it sees any of multiple search terms you specify. e.g add 'moon' and it will let you know when you cursor over a moonstalker, moonkin etc. This searching also works with other players.

To-Do: Complete the French and German translations

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Jan 01, 2007
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Jun 01, 2007
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