26 - event handler created which references an undefined global

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Click on Guild Check map button.

What is the expected output?

The Gui display should appear showing guild changes, if any.

What do you see instead?

the following error is thrown and the Gui does not appear.

8x GuildCheck\GuildCheck-v2.38.lua:13: attempt to index global "GuildCheckGui" (a nil value)
GuildCheck\GuildCheck-v2.38.lua:13: in function "OnClick" 
libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0-24.lua:127: in function <libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0.lua:127> 

self = LibDBIcon10_GuildCheck {
 0 = <userdata>
 dataObject = <table> {}
 isMouseDown = false
 db = <table> {}
 icon = <unnamed> {}
b = "LeftButton"

What version of the product are you using?


Any other comments

you need to ensure that the GuildCheckGui frame is defined *before* creating the asynchronous GuildCheckLDB event handler. i believe an XML definition is the safest method, since it's guaranteed to run before the main .lua file is even looked at.

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    I believe that error pops if you try to open the ace gui without having use gui checked in the admin panel. Not sure you can use an XML definition with ace gui. but will look into it.

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