LibBlizzOptions is a LibStub Library. You must have LibStub to use it.

LBO = LibStub("LibBlizzOptions-1.0");


You need to create a parameters list to pass to the addon. The parameters list is a LUA table with the following named elements:

Parameter Type Inclusion Description
.Mod String Required The name of the mod, this is used for element naming.
.Title String Required The title of the mod, this is used for both section name and title in the panel.
.Description String Required A brief (1-3 lines) description of the mod.
.Version String Required The version of the mod.
.Author String Required The author of the mod.
.Category String Optional The mod Category
.Email String Optional A contact E-Mail
.Webpage String Optional A project Web-page
.Credits String Optional Additional Credits
.Execute function Optional A Function to execute when the execute button is pressed.
.ExecuteText String Optional The text of the execute button.


Now that you have a parameters list, you can generate a frame and attach it to the UI:


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Date created
Sep 05, 2008
Last updated
Sep 05, 2008