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Chat Echo


Tank tested, Perky Pug approved!

What is PugLax?

PugLax is an addon aimed at making the pug experience smoother for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion pack. Many of us remember the good old days of actually using CC in five man dungeons. However, it can be time consuming to make customized macros to echo things like kill order and mark assignments to your group.

PugLax aims to make this easier by automatically generating a list of crowd control available to your group, sorting those CC's based on priority, and finally printing that list along with direct assignments to party chat for you along with the kill order. For baseline forms of crowd control, PugLax assumes that the character has the CC if they are the appropriate. For talent based forms of crowd control (like Repentance), the addon inspects the character to ensure they have the required talent.

For now much of this is hard coded; however, this initial release offers options for which marks you wish to enable/disable as well as which forms of crowd control you wish to enable/disable. Simple set the addon up once based on what you feel is worth using (sap and polymorph, but not fear and hibernate for example). Then, simply type "/puglax party" and the addon will take care of the rest.

Planned Features:

  1. Expose the priority list to the options menu.
  2. Support for raids, including tank/healing/misdirecting assignments

Supported CC:

  • Polymorph
  • Freezing Trap
  • Sap
  • Hex
  • Repentance
  • Entangling Roots
  • Wyvern Sting
  • Banish
  • Bind Elemental
  • Shackle Undead
  • Hibernate
  • Fear
  • Seduction
  • Cyclone
  • Mind Control

Slash Commands

"/pl" "/puglax"
Toggle the JumpMenu (close/open)
"/pl center" "/puglax center"
Forces the JumpMenu to the center of the screen in case it gets moved off-screen somehow
"/pl lock"
Toggles locking/unlocking the JumpMenu

SRTI Support!

I'm pleased to announce that PugLax integration has been added to the base release of Simple Raid Target Icons! With both addons enabled, the mark icons in SRTI are replaced with the spell icons of whatever CC is currently assigned to that mark (and it's epic in practice). Download SRTI for all your marking needs and enjoy the benefits of this new relationship!

(to get this to work you need to go into the SRTI options via /srti and at the bottom of the options window click "PugLax" to enable the interaction)

Simple Raid Target Icons (courtesy of Dridzt)

Tukui Support!

PugLax now has support for Tukui skinning, it should be enabled by default (can be disabled in options if for some reason you use Tukui but do not wish to skin PugLax).


Typing "/pl", "/plax", or "/puglax" into chat will toggle the jump-menu, a small GUI window for quickly changing assignments on the fly and echo'ing the assignments to party (either the whole thing by clicking "Party" or an individual assignment by clicking the raid icon for the desired row). This jump menu will only include rows for the raid marks you have enabled in the options panel.

You can keep this window hidden and still use the addon sans-gui by typing "/pl party" to echo the assignments (or creating a macro).

Zone-Based CC Priority

PugLax should now be using custom priority lists for every instance in the game (including Cata instances). This *may* not work in all instances, for instance I wasn't sure exactly what you would see in game for the various Scarlet Monastery instances so I'm not sure how we'll they will work at the moment. For now the "priority" list is really just a list of CC's that will be helpful in the instance. As an example, "Polymorph" is no longer assigned if you are inside Azjol Nerub.


Thank you to the community for assisting me with translations!
gandolff & Jiba - WowInterface - deDE translation
Ryoku - Tankspot - frFR translation
MarzabulZero - Curseforge - esES translation

Nobody is using CC at the moment, why release this now?

Mostly so that I can start to get feedback from the community on what features everyone would like to see in the addon, and so people can point out forms of crowd control that I missed on my list.

I found a bug, or I have a suggestion/request, what should I do?

I will most likely be watching the wowinterface page most frequently for bug reports and comments, feel free to comment on the addon there! (I'll try to check everywhere this gets posted as well though)

I don't want 5 different types of CC posted, how can I shorten it?

Simply go into the options and deselect some of the Enabled Marks.
Note: at the moment Skull, Cross, Triangle are always set to the kill targets, so enable/disable does nothing on them. Disable one of the other five marks to reduce the amount of total CC it will echo.

Okay, so it sounds neat. I want to use it, but it doesn't do anything!

The slash command for actually echo'ing the assignments to your team is:
/pl party
/plax party
/puglax party
(all three are valid)

Also, you must have some marks and crowd control forms enabled. You can check to see which of each are currently enabled by going into the usual addons config area in Escape Menu -> Interface and finding PugLax from the list. By default I think everything is disabled, so just check off what you want to add (skull/cross/triangle are currently always used for kill order and toggling them does nothing).


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