PugLax 1.8.17

Change log

1.8.17 Fixed other players non-talent-based cc (it was adding them all to the "Missing Talents" sub-menu). Changed the echo to send actual spell links instead of names/shortnames. I didn't include this as an option; it just does it now. If I get any reports of people liking the old behavior better I'll make it a config option.

1.8.16 Fixed the Kill Order. Added a PugLax.SortedMarks array at the top of PugLax.lua for those who want to resort the marks. Added a temporary solution to the "talent-based CC works meh at best" problem. Now there is a "Missing Talents" sub-menu in the assignment menu so you can manually assign talent-based CC that PugLax hasn't been able to validate properly.

1.8.15 Improved how PugLax handles talent-based CC checking. Basically, what I used to do was check to see if the unit was dead, and if it wasn't I would try checking for the talent with the GroupTalents library 5 times before giving up (on a one second delay between attempts) after they were alive. Now, I also check to ensure they are within inspect distance before using one of the 5 attempts (so if you are in distance, 2 attempts fail, you walk out of distance for 30 seconds, when you get back in distance you'll still have 3 attempts remaining).

This should greatly improve the accuracy if the talent-based CC additions. Note: This does still require that you be able to inspect your target; if for some reason inspect fails (relatively common x-realm still) there's nothing I can think to do about it. If I get reports of 1.8.15 still not working well enough, I'll add a "Possible CC" drop down to the manual assignment that includes all talents not found (so holy/prot paladins will have repentance in that sub-menu, but that way if it fails to find it on the ret paladin you can still assign it manually).

1.8.14 Added the option to adjust the kill order. Also, added the ability to assign things to all marks (including those used in the kill order): this is a precursor to the raiding features I'll be adding in the future.

1.8.13 Fixed a stupid error in the new talent checking function >.> /badvance

1.8.12 Fixed an issue where talent-based CC were not properly being removed if you switched specs (will automatically remove the player, for other members if the team you'll have to do a reset for now - but you won't have to disable/re-enable that CC from the options anymore). Hopefully fixed an error that occurs when the team is dead.

1.8.11 Resolved an issue preventing CC you disabled this session from being properly ignored upon reset. Added the much-requested "Disabled CC" sub-menu to the assignment drop down. This will allow you to keep things like fear/seduce... disabled but quickly assign them if you find the need without altering your usual configuration. Enjoy!

1.8.10 Cleaned up the printing. Sorry about the chat-window spam!

1.8.9 Added frFR and esES partial translations. Added new "Auto Hide/Collapse" options. These are mutually exclusive (enabling one will disable the other) and are three-way check boxes. Fully checked = auto hide/collapse when solo and auto show/expand when in a group. Partial checked = auto hide/collapse when solo only. Unchecked = no automatic behavior. Minor bug fixes.

1.8.8 Restored talent-based CC. The addon now checks multiple times on a delay if a talent check fails (so when first zoning in/team member first joins you do not need to reset the addon to find the talents). Added a "silently reset on new zone-in" option, you should never really see a prompt with this selected. However, it *will* automatically reset your assignments, so only enable this if you don't mind (useful mostly for 5-mans). Added a "Clear" entry to the assignment-drop-down so you can more easily remove an assignment.

1.8.7 - ALPHA Please do not download this release if you are not having issues with 1.8.6 - it temporarily disables talent-based CC checking. Disabled all uses and instances of LibGroupTalents-1.0 Other misc changes that will be detailed when 1.8.7 actually goes live.

1.8.6 Updated "reset" behavior to be significantly less intrusive. You'll now only get a "Do you want to reset..." pop-up when you first enter an instance. Joining a team silently resets, and leaving a team does not reset at all. Also, entering an instance while solo will no longer pop up a "would you like to reset..." message. Removed the Dalaran custom priority list. Fixed the localization of the options menu.

1.8.5 Major update to the assignment build process! As players join/leave the team, their CC will be added/removed without resetting the whole assignment list now. Added reset prompts; accepting one of these prompts will always fully reset the assignments. You'll automatically be prompted when either A) You first join a group or B) You enter a zone with a new priority list (going into an instance). You should not get the "B" prompt after returning from the graveyard, please bug report it if you do.

1.8.1 Added "/puglax lock" command to toggle locking/unlocking the JumpMenu as requested

1.8.0 Added basic raid support! (no tank/healing/md assignments yet - but it'll work in raids of any size and announce to the correct channel now) Added a new set of icons that should make more sense in context. Added "Icon Scale" option to both the header and rows section of the config screens. Moved the default location of PugLax to the center of the screen to make it easier to find/move on first login. Added "/puglax center" slash command to re-center the addon in the event that it is off screen for some reason and cannot be dragged back on.

1.7.4 Added Mind Control Fixed issues related to SharedMedia and Tukui support - shouldn't be getting those errors anymore. Sorry! Added deDE translations for the options menu

1.7.3 Config organization improved Config now supports localization Tukui support! (optional, enabled by default - having this enabled while not using Tukui does absolutely nothing)

1.7.2 Added a small mark icon on the SRTI radial on top of the spell icons (does not animate with SRTI, sorry) Improved the "default" theme a little but, but it still looks ugly :D

1.7.1 Switched the header over to using icons instead of letters for the buttons. Added a "collapse" button to the header Added a "Grow Up" option for the rows (so the header would appear on the bottom).

1.7.0 Added support for Simple Raid Target Icons via a patch to SRTI

1.6.0 In-game configuration of display options (size/font/colors/textures/borders...) using SharedMedia. The default "theme" may be a bit ugly, but I wanted to use only textures that would be available with the default UI.

1.5.4 Hopefully fix'ed the deDE zone based priority list.

1.5.3 Fixed UTF-8 error message with the deDE client, hopefully. Restored the use of short-names for CC when echo'ing (so back to Scrubble please trap...)

1.5.2 Fixed library references. Changed the way echo'ing the spell names works (now uses GetSpellInfo instead of custom strings, so instead of seeing "Scrubble please trap the..." you'll see "Scrubble please Freezing Trap the..." This is temporary while I look into an issue with the deDE client)

1.5.1 Visually distinguished CC that already has an assignment in the jump-menu selection (by surrounding the name with < >). Added a pull timer (the "C" button on the jumpMenu)

1.5.0 First version of the in-game jump menu is now available for testing :D

1.0.5 Changed the kill order to Skull->Cross->Star Added a Dalaran-specific CC order to make it easier to test other translations to ensure the zone-specific stuff is working

1.0.4 deDE translation, zone specific CC priority

1.0.3 Removed some debug printing that was still in the release version

1.0.2 Fixed an issue causing the localization changes to prevent talent-based CC from being properly identified.

1.0.1 Added localization support. It should now function across all clients, but you'll still see a lot of English text until I get help with the translations.


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Dec 23, 2010
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