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"Pulling Hogger in 3.."

Simple, standalone addon to aid in creating a pull countdown announce.


Automatic selection of the appropriate output:

  • /rw if in raid and leader or assistant
  • /ra if in raid
  • /p if in party
  • /s if solo
  • Target included if exists.
  • Can abort a pull in progress.
  • New* Customizable pull messages.

How to Use

Short help and output customization options can be found in
Blizzard's Game Menu -> Interface -> AddOns -> PullCountdown
including a convenient button to auto-generate a pull macro.

Macro can also be created manually for better customization.

  1. Create a macro with this macro text
    /run PullCountdown.Pull(#)
    # is the timer, if omitted it defaults to 3.
  2. Open the Game Menu -> Key Bindings, look for "Pull Countdown" and set a key of your preference.
    The simple keybind method doesn't allow for customization of the pull timer, it will use the default value.

Aborting a pull

Clicking the macro or pressing the keybind a second time while a countdown is in progress
aborts the countdown and announces in the appropriate channel.


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May 25, 2011
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Sep 10, 2013
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