Quick DKP Bidder

ksqBid 420 113

Change log

410 113

  • Changed the version number cuz some ppl dont wanna load out of date addons.

410 113

  • when there is an icon, upgraded options are needed. Now you can hide the icon. And moreover - the icon is hidden by default.

410 112

  • added minimap icon, no more need for typing! Code and icon design by Scaredevil. Thx mate!

410 111

  • fixed some problems while addon loading[getguildinfo returning nil]
  • some simple tweeks for addon messages
  • added function for softdecay if someone is interested[only for pros atm]: QDKP2_softDecay(TypeOrList,Perc,softcap) where type or list should be "guild" or "raid", perc is a number <1-100> and softcap is a number from which perc of taken dkp will grow, and below this softcap perc of taken dkp is decreasing.
  • blocked auto spam for qdkp version update during echo check. If u want to turn it on - type "/script QDKP_ksqBid_checkVersions=true" in game, everytime u want to turn it on, and set it to false after ur done. Usage only for pros atm :).

410 110

  • fixed addon to work with 4.1
  • added some error messages

406 109

  • fixed addon not working without quick dkp v2
  • added hook for award from qdkp v2

406 108

  • removed core - it was not working anyway
  • now works good with new version of qdkp v2 - it didnt before cuz there is a bug in qdkp2, but i managed to skip it.
  • now u can start and stop biding from qdkp2, will also work with the bidder. however - to award use bidder, cuz its still not hooked.

403 102

  • included core again [addon stoped working after big updates in qkdp]
  • for now bidder is not going to work propertly with qdkp since it was rewritten. I dont see any point for now to update to new code of qdkp since most of changes in qdkp are just useless. So just download this with core, or if u want to keep this addon with qdkp, download old version of qdkp. 400 102
  • fixed small timer glitch

400 101

  • fixed some error called from core when starting a bid with bidder.[was only popping when user had core turned on]
  • changed the version in echo to a proper one.

400 100

  • attached working qdkp v2 - Core [heil thebreaker1205 for the qdkp maintain till 335]
  • fixed bidder for 4.0.1 with some small fixes

335 100

  • added skinning ability: /qdkpbid changesking
  • fixed shift+hover over item tooltips
  • changed gui
  • cleaned some mess in code
  • fixed hook for grabing start session button pressed in QDKP V2 GUI addon [ end session still not supported ]
  • some upgrades to timer
  • other minor upgrades
  • This version is supposed to be a working 1.0 version of the addon :)


Uploaded on
Sep 08, 2011
Game version
  • 4.2.0
373.0 KiB