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How To Avoid Getting Your Account Stolen ZorbaTHut ZorbaTHut Oct 01, 2008
AddOns don't require you to install or run anything, aside from whatever program you use to extract their files. Don't ever run anything you find inside an archive. Make sure your web browser is up to date. Bugs can be exploited to install things on your computer without any confirmation or acknowledgment. If a web page asks you to install anything, don't. The only two extra things a web page might legitimately need are JavaScript and Flash, which you more than likely already have. Make sure...
Main (koKR) smariot smariot Jan 10, 2009
Just testing, on behalf of Eternium University.
Main (frFR) smariot smariot Jul 20, 2008
Main smariot nconantj Mar 09, 2014
I am no longer working on this project. I do not have the time to find and resolve all issues. If there is someone who wants to take over, please let me know and I will transfer ownership of this addon and the associated googlecode site. I will also transfer the domains, and for a prorated value of their registration fee plus $5 per domain prior to 17 December 2015, at which point, they will expire. KNOWN ISSUES: The addon is currently only...
Main (esES) smariot smariot Jul 20, 2008
Main (zhCN) smariot smariot Jul 20, 2008
????? QuestHelper????????? (wow addon), ???????????????"Install Guide"?????????????. ????????????, ??????????????????????????. ???? ????????????????, ??????????????. Important If you're not using the US-English client, then this AddOn won't work for you.
Main (deDE) smariot smariot Jul 20, 2008
Quest Tracker smariot smariot May 24, 2008
QuestHelper has a quest tracker that displays a list of quests on your screen, sorted to match the planned route QuestHelper creates. Settings /qh tqcol: Toggles colouring quest names by their difficulty. /qh tocol: Toggles colouring objectives names by their progress. /qh tlevel: Toggles prefixing quest names with their level. /qh tscale amount: Scales the quest tracker by this amount of its default size. Hiding the Quest Tracker If you want to use the quest tracker but don't want it at this...
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