Quest Tracker

QuestHelper has a quest tracker that displays a list of quests on your screen, sorted to match the planned route QuestHelper creates.


  • /qh tqcol: Toggles colouring quest names by their difficulty.
  • /qh tocol: Toggles colouring objectives names by their progress.
  • /qh tlevel: Toggles prefixing quest names with their level.
  • /qh tscale amount: Scales the quest tracker by this amount of its default size.

Hiding the Quest Tracker

If you want to use the quest tracker but don't want it at this very moment, you can move your cursor over it. A small white box should appear, and if you click on it, the quest tracker will be hidden. The white box will remain transparent on your screen, and you can click on it again to restore it.

If you want to permenantly disable it, because you don't want one or would prefer one supplied by another AddOn, you can disable it by typing /qh track.

Moving the Quest Tracker

The quest tracker defaults to the position of the Blizzards quest watch frame, although some AddOns such as beql move it, so you may want to position it yourself.

To do this, mouse over the quest tracker, and a small white box should appear. You should be able to drag the box around to position the quest tracker.

If you move the box somewhere where you can't click on it, you can reset its position back to the default by typing /qh treset.

Watched Quests

As far as the automatically added quests go, because they're a reflection of QuestHelper's route, you can move and remove them by modifying the priorities of an objective or ignoring an objective.

You can also explicitly watch quests. With the default UI, this is done by shift-clicking on them in the quest log, although the default UI won't allow you to watch quests that don't have objectives.

The quest tracker always shows watched quests at the top of the list, with a small gap separating them from the automatically added quests. Watched quests that are in the route are sorted in relation to each other, watched quests aren't in the route are put at the very top of the list. If there are multiple watched quests that aren't in the route, then their order will be more or less random.

Opening the Quest Log

You can right-click on a quest name to open the quest log entry for it.

Party Members

If sharing is enabled, the quest tracker will include the quests and objectives of your peers.

If your party members have differing progresses for the same objective, all the unique values will be displayed in a comma separated list, such as 1, 2, 3 / 8.

Supported AddOns

  • DoubleWide: Works without problems.
  • beql: Moves the quest watch frame; you'll need to reposition it manually.
  • UberQuest: Has its own way of doing almost everything, so features such as automatically watching updated quests don't work.

Other AddOns that alter the quest log may or may not work properly.

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