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Quest Completist v0.95

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Version 0.95 - New Data Needed!

Help Needed!

With this version will you notice that your pending updates will have returned to 0 due to the large changes in my new merge code and how i handle the imports. Data isn't flowing in via email anywhere near as fast as it was a few months ago, and there are still plenty of gaps to fill when you comes to getting everything in the database accurate. By questing with this latest version, it is helping gather information which the addon could previous not collect, so please send me any updates once you get a new batch put together.

Please note: Just because you can see the quests you are doing already exist in the database, it doesn't mean i dont need the information QC is collecting - so even if you are just repeating quests on a new character, please keep the email updates coming!

Thanks =)

Updates this version:

  • Improved tooltips for map icons. The tooltips will work similar to the menu tooltips, giving you the full quest details (Which i believe will also be localized) as well as additional information from the database. Keep the error report tickets coming!
  • Continued work on correcting quest problems, heaps more still to do on this though!
  • More updates to the data collecting code. Added additional support for detecting quests which are offered remotely (Using the little popup thing on the right).
  • Massive work done on my data merging code, which is making merging the data you guys are sending much easier. It will now also give me a full report of all changes to the DB (Which i might even start mosting when i upload new updates).
  • Other things i have probably forgotten about.


Uploaded on
Mar 11, 2011
Game version
  • 4.0.6
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