This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.


Oh noes!

I'm not working on QH2 at the moment, and probably won't be again until sometime after May. Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you would like to leave a comment (not report a bug or request a feature), please do so at the CurseForge project page. Of course, I'll personally be demonstrating what not to do by filling the comments page with inane banter, but I expect more from you.

Bug reports and feature requests should be posted to the CurseForge Tickets page.

Mostly working features

  • Replacement Quest Tracker
    • Sorts quests and objectives to match the route.
    • Buttons for quest items.
      • The topmost button can be assigned a hot key, so you can press a button instead of clicking it.
    • AutoQuest buttons.
    • Displays flight times.
    • Little embedded maps for the objective tooltips.
  • Manually assigned objective priorities are saved between game sessions now.
  • Can display dig sites for the archeology profession.
  • A configuration screen.
  • Objective Arrow
  • Paths and objectives on the world map.
  • Routing
  • Quest Database.
    • The Database is optional and can be disabled to save memory, in which case QH2 will only use data from QuestHelper2_Collection and Blizzard's POIs.

Broken/Missing Features

  • Path Finding (Currently calculates straight-line paths so that the routing can work.)
    • Flight paths aren't considered in path finding.
  • Sharing quests and objectives with other players.
  • Objectives can't yet be modified or manually sorted.

Useful pages

TasksStuff I've got to do (but in all likeliness won't).
APIHow to interface with QuestHelper2.
TranslationsI can only speak a lost and broken dialect of azerothian murloc.
Data SubmissionSubmit the data that you can't possibly have on account of nothing working yet.
Repository MirrorNot always up-to-date, but is good for browsing changes online.

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  • Avatar of thor1701 thor1701 Aug 02, 2013 at 19:19 UTC - 0 likes

    so is this addon really dead now? i mainly wanted it for the "Sharing quests and objectives with other players. " i cant find any other addon that does that and i have 2 other people i play with once a week, so i kinda miss this in a big way

  • Avatar of AnrDaemon AnrDaemon May 04, 2013 at 04:56 UTC - 0 likes

    @divinewind420: Go

    The latter. Playing as long as I do, I haven't had issues with questing even in BC, back before Wrath release, without any addons. Can you share your fixes, so we could compare the tracks? I've managed to plug a few myself, but there's still 3 issues, that I can't quite figure out.

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  • Avatar of reaper666735 reaper666735 Mar 25, 2013 at 18:22 UTC - 0 likes

    i know Smariot had a history of Procrastination but @ this point i think he's dead lol , nearly 2 years and not even a quick word saying he's too busy or going to an internet Café / Friend saying his comp is dead :p , if somebody knows how to tell Curse peeps to put this addon as Abandoned so they can make people aware it needs a new Main Author and looking it might be a good idea , it would be such a shame to see this wonderful addon die , even the QH 1 is still down for " work " since it was taken over in Cataclysm :S

    For Azeroth !

  • Avatar of divinewind420 divinewind420 Mar 04, 2013 at 04:28 UTC - 0 likes

    I kind of hit a lull in playing a month ago. So got QH2 to stop tossing me errors, about it for now. If something appears broken just post it.

    I've barely needed it in Pandaria, they've changed a lot of the quest mechanics, so that things appear a lot easier. That or playing for 8 years takes the challenge out of it.

  • Avatar of coatsy35 coatsy35 Feb 01, 2013 at 10:53 UTC - 0 likes

    @Devinewind are you still puttering around with getting it to work with Pandaria?

  • Avatar of AnrDaemon AnrDaemon Dec 23, 2012 at 00:34 UTC - 0 likes

    A little hack request: How to make all "... (completed)" quests automatically turn to a low priority?

  • Avatar of AnrDaemon AnrDaemon Nov 25, 2012 at 02:22 UTC - 0 likes

    A rude, but necessary hack to avoid combat time outs.
    If anyone have better ideas about placement of this lockout, please tell.

    Last edited Nov 25, 2012 by AnrDaemon
    Name Description Size MD5
    serialize.lua.patch Avoid "Script ran too long" ... 416 B 7cf1d53ebd5b...
  • Avatar of Jollyrigger Jollyrigger Nov 20, 2012 at 21:52 UTC - 0 likes

    @divinewind420: Go

    Sent you a PM with the information you requested.

  • Avatar of AnrDaemon AnrDaemon Nov 19, 2012 at 16:00 UTC - 0 likes

    I just replaced GetNumPartyMembers() with GetNumGroupMembers() in quests.lua.

  • Avatar of Jolum Jolum Nov 16, 2012 at 03:30 UTC - 0 likes


    What fiddiling did you do to get it to load? any easy fixes for this?

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