Raid Loot Helper

This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.

Master Frame

A master loot screen in which the whole raid can choose need, greed or pass. Each individual choice will be visible for all members. Also an icon of the item(s) equipped by the members will be shown which can be inspected by hovering over it. After all have made their choice the master looter locks the screen and performs the roll.

The master looter can overrule the choice of individual party members before performing the roll.

Members not running RLH will be informed by chat and if they type need, greed or pass in the appropriate channel their choice will be registered in RLH automatically.

/rlhShows the Raid Loot Helper screen, available for all members.
/rlh [item link]Starts the Raid Loot Helper screen for all raid members, available for the master looter. Alternatively an item can also be dragged into the item frame.
/rlh ffaPerforms a free for all roll, available for the master looter.
Master loot section
Uncheck allUnchecks all members, usable after locking the screen.
Check allChecks all members, usable after locking the screen.
Check needersChecks all needers, usable after locking the screen.
Check greedersChecks all greeders, usable after locking the screen.
FreezeLocks the screen, no member can change their choice.
UnfreezeUnlocks the screen, members can change their choice.
RollPerforms a roll for all checked members.

Selecting an item will make the loot screen pop-up for all raid members.

Select Loot: Select the loot presented in the last loot frame. This will show the selected loot to all raid members. After this the members can select Need, Greed or Pass.

/rlh [item link] automatically initializes and selects loot.

When members close the loot screen without having made a choice, it will automatically select Pass.

If you want to help localizing Raid Loot Helper please visit the localization page.

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Oct 18, 2008
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Mar 06, 2013
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