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How many times have you fought Elegon and people forgot their assigned pillars? How many times have you fought Megaera and people forgot when to use each raid cooldown? Lei Shen conduit assignments? Heroic Will spark assignments?

Well, no more!

Raidminder is a simple utility that allows a raid leader to send a few notes to each raider, which will stay on his or her screen with simple reminders such as "p1 - blue, p2 - red" or "#3 tranq". Better still, it allows the raid leader to plan these assignments by dragging the raiders' names around the screen and arranging them with the reminders (screenshots will be uploaded as soon as my guild stops slacking).

The raid leader's console displays a frame for each raid member, including role icon and class color. The frames can be arranged in a grid or moved freely around the screen to help you plan your tactic. You can then assign up to 4 short notes to each raider. The raid leader console is available only to the raid leader and assistants. Regular raiders only get a small frame with their notes attached to it, which they can put anywhere on their screen. (All raiders must have Raidminder installed!) For a partial list of features, check out the change log.

More planned features:

  • Screenshots that show what this add-on actually does
  • Present messages for commonly used assignments such as markers, possibly including colors
  • Clear All button should have a confirmation
  • Looks like people want even more notes per raider - this should come with scaling buttons to make everything bigger or smaller in case all these notes take up too much space
  • The ability to save/ load sets of notes

Note: I haven't been actively supporting this add-on for some time now, because... well, despite the fact that it gets plenty of downloads, I've never gotten a single comment from a user, no feedback or criticism or feature request, ever since it was on beta. If you're using this add-on, I'd love to hear about it. If you want it to have more features, just let me know which ones you want first.

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Date created
Dec 03, 2013
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Dec 03, 2013
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Public Domain
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