Raven Filter: Leila

Filtered Buffs

Raven Filter: Leila will add a 'Spell list' dropdown menu to the Buff and Debuff tab of Raven Bar Groups. I use this plugin in LeilaUI if you need an Setup exampe or Raven SavedVariables.
The plugin solves translation problems because the buffs added by spell ID will be translated into every Language automatically. I was inspired by Satrina Buff Frames 3 which had a simmilar option.

This Spell Lists now includes over 2100 Spell ID's:

  • Raid Debuffs = Special Raid debuffs, Dungeon debuffs, crowd controls castet on Player
  • Target Debuffs = Target crowd controls (e.g. Polymorph) and Absorb effekts (e.g. Dispersion, Fear Ward)
  • FlaskFoodWeapon Buffs = Shaman and Rouge weapon enchants, Flask, Food, Alchemy Buffs
  • Special Buffs = Class/Race specific buffs, trinket procs, Potions
  • Pala+Priest Buffs = Special Raidbuffs (e.g. Guardian Spirit) and Absorb effects (e.g. Ice Block)
  • tankSpells = tank Spells will shown Taunts only for Paladin, Druid, Monk and DK
  • hunterSpells = Hunter Pet buffs only showing up for Hunters in Special Buffs

This plugin supports all Classes, Specs and the latest Raids and Dungeons,
if there is any spell missing please write in the Comments!

You want to add or remove Spells by yourself?
Just open the .lua file with a Text Editor:
Add spells by name: 12345, 23456, 34567
Add spells by exact spell id: "#12345", "#23456", "#34567",

You can use idTip or wowhead URLs to find out Spell IDs.

This Plugin was coded by Tojaso/Tomber for his Raven Buff Mod and I have his permission to release it.

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Date created
Oct 13, 2011
Last update
Sep 22, 2016
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Raven Filter: Leila
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