56 - Short buffs showing twice for defend (shield) in tournament mounts

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Hi, the short buff Defend while doing the dailies on tournament grounds (Icecrown) will show twice on the short buffs group.

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When you are mounted and start buffing to 3 to engage in jousting, it will show the defend buff (shield) twice, is that the way it's supposed to be for a reason? by the way using the latest alpha 101, but it has been happening for a while now even before this version. No errors at all, just showing the same buff twice.  Thanks for a great addon, replaced a couple with notifications, target debuffs and such.

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    Oddly, this is correct behavior. Usually on vehicles when Raven detects buffs and cooldowns they are specifically for the vehicle. See, for example, the Wyrmrest temple daily on dragon mount. However, in this one case the Defend buff is applied to both the player and the vehicle (i.e., the mount) so the buff shows up twice. I know it is a bit confusing but until I see how vehicles work in Cataclysm I don't want to add special case code that might end up coming back to haunt me later.

    Thank you for reporting this. If it ends up confusing more people I will first add it to the FAQ and then, reluctantly, add a special case exclusion.

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