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I made this Addon, as i'm often fail to recast Earth Shield on the tank, and even more often to recast Watershield on self...

This Addon shows a clickable button for each supported spell, the buttons are meant reminds to (re)cast a certain spell on spezific conditions (eg watershield at 1 or less stacks -> recast) for some spells (eg earthshield), even on the desired target.

  • Currently supported Classes/Spells
    • Shaman (Restoration)
      • Watershield
      • Earthshield
  • Features
    • Movable Buttons
    • Click to Recast
    • Keybinding with /kb
  • Planned:
    • Support more Classes and Spells (suggestions welcome)
    • Support for Masque (aka ButtonFacade)
    • and even more...? (suggestions/requests welcome)

What is RecastReminderButton NOT?

This Addon is not mean't to be a DoT-Timer or what ever. It's goal is to provide Buttons to Recast some certain spells that should be active during combat but easily fade and get forgotton. Like (the main reason why i wrote this Addon) Earthshield on the Tank and Watershield/Lighnigshield (Not as usefull as pre 5.0 now as they dont have stacks and last 1hr). With 5.0 this addon is for most classes useless, as there are (afaik) no longer as much of such spells that need to be refreshed often.

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  • Avatar of Shahrazad1 Shahrazad1 Jul 19, 2012 at 15:44 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for this nice addon,i was wondering if you can add destro warlock for Soul Fire buff or even more (refreshing dots in time). Keep up the good work.

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Date created
Jun 02, 2012
Last update
Sep 04, 2012
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  • B: v0.5b for 5.0.4 Sep 04, 2012
  • A: r15 for 5.0.4 Sep 04, 2012
  • B: v0.4b for 5.0.4 Sep 04, 2012
  • A: r13 for 5.0.4 Sep 04, 2012
  • B: v0.3b for 4.3.4 Jun 09, 2012