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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for Recruitment Enhancement. I wrote this because while I have endeavoured to make my addon as useful as possible, and to enhance the Guild Recruitment/Finder feature introduced in 4.1 there are some limitations to the WoW API that mean I can't do some things as easily as I'd like or at all.

Why Would I Need Recruitment Enhancement?

Ever forget which of the applicants you have spoken too? Ever clicked "Message" or Invite only to realise they aren't online? Ever tried to send an applicant an ingame mail, but they had one of those ghey characters and you couldn't work out how to do it?

These are some of the reasons you may want to get this addon.

Will this addon lag me in combat?

No... I have ensured that any functions/callbacks and communications are only ever done out of combat. I am in a raiding guild so I would never want to have an addon on that was doing a lot in combat, that wasn't needed for said combat

Why Does the Addon Auto Add/Remove Friends?

This only happens with Online Scanner is enabled. There is a limitation in the WoW API where you are unable to see the online status of a player unless they are;

  • In your group/raid
  • In your guild
  • In your friends list
  • Within 100 yards

Seems that inviting them to your guild just to check they are online seems silly, and the chances of you being within 100 yards is minimal, I went the friends path. I investigated the idea of adding applicants, checking status and then removing them on each check but it really became an overhead. It relied on triggering functions, waiting on event returns and then triggering more functions.

If you do not like this feature, disable it. If will however disable some of the nicest aspects of the addon, like enabling/disabling the whisper & invite icon when they are offline etc.

The Addon Doesn't Work! What Can I Do?

Well there could be a number of issues, but I'll try help you get it sorted. Please ensure before logging a ticket or commenting on the project you try running the addon by itself. This will ensure that the issue is actually mine, and not a conflict with another addon.

Please ensure you give me as much unformation as you possibly can, I realise it's frustrating when things dont work, but it's even more frustrating when I want to help you, but due to a lack of information, I am fiddling with code trying to find a problem.

I have a GREAT Idea! How should I let you know about it

Well currently I'm accepting both comments and tickets. My preference is for you to raise a ticket through curseforge here

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  • Avatar of jackschmidt66 jackschmidt66 Oct 14, 2012 at 12:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Ok so i right clicked on the thing around my minimap it said 0 people were online and then the thing that i clicked on disappeared and i don't know how to get it back up is like a / command that will bring it back up?

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