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Automatically takes screenshots of memorable events during your playing time. Including leveling up and achievements.

  • Takes screenshot on achievement earned
  • Takes screenshot on player level up
  • Takes screenshot on event for failed screenshot
  • Takes screenshot on first time boss kills (recorded per player for alts)
  • Slash command /rmw
Cataclysm Raids Added

I will rely heavily on you guys to help me test this. I am currently not raiding, but still want to provide this feature for the mod. I will add a checklist here and if anyone can verify a screenshot the first time they kill the following bosses, I will mark them off the list (confirmed = *).

Baradin Hold

  • Argaloth

The Bastion of Twilight

  • Vaiona
  • Theralion
  • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
  • Elementium Monstrosity
  • Cho'gall
  • Sinestra

Blackwing Descent

  • Magmaw
  • Maloriak
  • Atramedes
  • Chimaeron
  • Nefarian

Throne of the Four Winds

  • Anshal *
  • Nezir *
  • Rohash *
  • Al'Akir

If there are any bugs, please address them here and I will do my best to correct them. I need to know the following for boss kill screenshots:

  • What zone you are in: /script message(GetRealZoneText())
  • What the unit name is that died (must be on before the death): /rmw debug

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