Last version



  • Bugfix for the offspec support (Feral, thanks Krueger81, scifiaku and Weavil!)
  • Buttons of spells that do not exist, are now hidden insteaed of replaced with Healing Touch


  • Fixed check for resto-only spells when creating buttons
  • Added support for offspecs without resto affinity


  • Removed some old spells and functionality (deprecated)
  • Fixed refresh of Lifebloom bar when casting Regrowth / Healing Touch
  • Added button configuration - add which ever spells you want, in the order you want, just the way you want!
  • Removed ForcedHeight setting (replaced)
  • Added "Organise frames in columns", where the behaviour of the setting "Number of player frames each lines" will apply to columns instead of rows
  • Changed default layouts Normal and Compact to use "Organise frames in columns"


  • Updated version for patch
  • Fixed localizations
  • Changed CooldownFrame_SetTimer to CooldownFrame_Set
  • Removed glyph checks
  • Added support for Flourish


  • Fixed mana/rage/energy bar colouring
  • Small fix in the incoming-heal-bar height
  • Change ruRU localization encoding to UTF-8 without BOM (should fix Rewatch for Russian clients, now!)
  • Border size fix, now it finally aligns properly!
  • Background transparency fix, it's now solid when you want it to be!
  • Fix incoming heals display
  • Changed dead and out-of-range display of players


  • Fixed Germination support, added a small bar inside the Reju bar to track it!
  • Changed frame positioning, so Germination bar is properly shown and does not hide between the Reju bar
  • Default Health bar colour changed
  • Default frame background colour changed
  • Now made health bar colouring with health deficiency scaling rather than fixed colours
  • Changes mana bar to be 20% of the Healthbar height (used to be 4 pixels default)
  • Override for "mana-blue" colour in the mana bar
  • Removed strata tampering so it should no longer appear above WoW dialog boxes
  • Some performance changes, there were some local variables sneaked in that could cause creeping memory issues
  • More performance changes, now only calling GetIncomingHeals once (down from twice) with a player update
  • Small fix where the presets in the Rewatch interface option menu could not set to Compact
  • Extended slider range in various Rewatch settings to 300 (up from 150)
  • Added Russian localization!
  • Colour for incoming heals is slightly better visible
  • Fixed a few defaults
  • Fixed where highlighting Clearcasting also procs from other druids in your group


  • Fixed refreshing of Lifebloom by Regrowth/Healing Touch
  • Changed the entire way combat lockdown is checked and re-wrote the mechanism to refresh the frames
  • Prevented AI party members from generating errors during the Proving Grounds
  • Changed the default layout to Minimal (now called Normal), the Compact is renamed back to Compact
  • Altered margins and borders slightly, again
  • Added a method to change layout presets; /rew layout (normal|compact|classic)
  • Changed default colours of de Lifebloom and Rejuvenation bars
  • Clearcasting now turns all Regrowth buttons white as highlighting, instead of the full frame


  • Fixed an issue when adding players to the frame while in combat
  • Removed preset layout popup
  • Added preset layout buttons to the Advanced options window
  • Changed the default layout to Compact (now called Normal), the original default is now called Classic
  • Replace Nourish button with Wild Mushroom button
  • Removed Lifebloom stacking mechanism and options
  • Added Rejuvenation stacking mechanism and options (NOT YET TESTED - I'M STILL 90 LOL)
  • Clearcasting now colours the Rewatch frame GREEN as indication
  • Fiddled with the layout margins and borders a little bit


  • Coloring player names with class colors, removed class sidebar
  • Frame shadow which will color with aggro, moving from the player names color
  • Chat messages from Rewatch are now in white, to avoid confusion with raid chat
  • Added player role icons to the HP bar
  • Predicted heals can now be turned off with an option
  • Fixed a bug where the cooldowns were not displayed correctly on the buttons (e.g. Swiftmend would use GCD, while it's on a larger cooldown)
  • Added a popup windows on first load ('setup') to give a shortcut to display modes Minimalist and Compact presets
  • Changed highlight texture on bars to be more fancy
  • Fixed hard-coded cooldown duration values, still a few remained
  • Defaults the Alt-click macro to Nature's Cure, so alt-clicking a frame will cleanse that player
  • Added shift-click, ctrl-click, alt-click and right-click modifier to the Rejuvenation bar, which will cast Genesis (on ALL party or raidmembers with Rejuvenation ofc!)
  • Fixed Genesis' effect on Rejuvenation bars


  • Fixed a little Lua error bug
  • Updated LOC file for new WoW patch


  • Corrected spam to default chat channel whenever group composition changed
  • Frames should no longer autosort when the autosort option is set to 0/off
  • Corrected issue where ironbark/barkskin button's cooldown could be triggered by other druids using ironbark/barkskin
  • Added highlighting of incoming heals on all rewatch health bars
    • There is currently no option to turn this function off, but I intend to include it in some future release


  • Created failsafe for class color issues
    • In the event that the class color fails to be detected, it will be set to black
  • Removed frame clear from group change events, so you should stop receiving role spam every time somebody joins/leaves party


  • Change method for checking players' classes
    • Now accounts for issue where WoW API erroneously reports class as nil the first time it is called
    • Should be language-independent now
  • Added checks for Glyph of Blooming and the addon will now act accordingly when the glyph is present
  • Corrected problems which occurred when the bottom buttons were hidden and a dispelable debuff appears on a group member
    • Player frames should still become shaded with the appropriate color regardless of if the buttons are shown


  • Correct issues with player frames becoming non-responsive and duplicating themselves after combat ends
    • Corrected checks which prevent Rewatch from attempting to clear or rewrite frames during combat
    • Corrected oversight which caused Rewatch to not properly rewrite player frames if in a raid group


  • Same as 50501, but updates addon information which was missing in first upload


  • Correct issue with 50500 where dungeons caused Rewatch frame to duplicate and become unresponsive


  • Incorporates all changes from the "bobn64" repository (which was created when 5.0 went live) into the mainline project
    • Replaced deprecated API calls with new ones introduced with 5.0
    • Adjusted the few hardcoded spell parameters (duration, cooldown) to new 5.0 values
    • Replaced buttons for spells which no longer exist with new spells
    • Changed player frames to be locked to master frame by default
    • Corrected issue which made Rewatch (and eventually the entire client) unusable if a monk was in party
    • Added spec change monitoring to change spells which only exist in Resto spec to other spells for use when not in Resto spec
    • Added cooldown monitor for new debuff removal spells
  • Corrected issue where casting certain heals on non-party members created a blank frame which could not be removed without a /reload
  • Corrected issue where changing spec while in raid group did not automatically update available spells in Rewatch
  • Changed Nature's Cure/Remove Corruption button highlighting so that it now highlights along with the rest of the player's frame when a debuff is active


  • Lifebloom bar workaround to fix SPELL_AURA_REFRESH bug with WoW 4.2. Mind, though: it's a (pretty damn close) estimate, still!


  • Update for patch 4.2


  • Fixed the issue where the back frame kept coming to the foreground
  • Fixed the LUA error when rezzing a player with bottom buttons hidden
  • Allowed two frame sorting options:
    • Sort By Role
    • Show Self First
  • Changed Health Deficit options to be more suitable for fights like Chimaeron and Nefarian
  • Fixed the layout "radio" button behaviour in the options menu


  • Support for patch 4.1
  • Minor bugfix in scaling with vertical layout


  • Allowed for Default or Vertical layout!
  • Added opacity for the HoT bars
  • Identifying tank/healers and sorting on that automatically
  • Added slider to change HoT bar background opacity
  • Fixed a bug where weird things started happening with deficit options
  • Finally added proper resizing options (scaling)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed a German translation for Remove Corruption
  • Wild Growth seems to trigger every tick.. Bug in WoW?
  • Also added Wild Growth cooldown display by using the WG bar reverted
  • Added automatic report on people you innervate
  • Created a new options tab to configure macro's for alt, ctrl and shift-click on player frames! By default, shift will now be the rezzing modifier and ctrl will be for innervating.
  • Fixed power type colouring
  • Improved rez reporting so that it only logs when actually rezzing


  • Fixed the Apply button
  • Repositioned some options
  • Properly re-apply defaults when hitting Default button
  • Allowed changing bar texture through options


  • Changed version format from "5.4.2" to 50402
  • General code patchies
  • Updated textures
  • Added Thorns button
  • Reset some width/height dimensions, will override configs :(
  • Fixed highlighting
  • Fixed bar textures upon death
  • Added tooltips to HoT bars
  • Dropped support for updating from before 5.4, will hard reset config
  • Decent file structure in Rewatch folder
  • Fixed minor bar positioning issue
  • Shrunk bottom spare part of main frame to 10 pixels, down from 15
  • Abbreviating BG realm names on player frames
  • Automatically remove HoTs when expired but not caught (zoned, etc.)
  • Allow removing highlighting when expired but not caught (zoned, etc.)


  • The rightclick actions work, again
  • You can now configure font, font size and highlight size through the options window
  • Highlighted frame should now properly deselect when changing target
  • Lifebloom stack counter is again valid when using Nourish to refresh it


  • Sub-version 4 for patch 4!
  • Removed Abolish Poison and Remove Curse buttons
  • Added Remove Corruption button
  • Fonts patched!
  • Name highlight on target


  • Fixed a threat update error
  • Fixed an in-combat error


  • Stable version, starting version 5.3!
  • Fixed WG buff catching
  • Updated Nature's Swiftness duration to 180, up from 120
  • Now getting HoT duration rather than calculating it so it's more accurate!
  • Updated Shapeshift event listening
  • Removed some redundant options!
  • Changed highlighting colours to be more different
  • Minor code efficiency updates
  • Added option to hide tooltips

Planned features

  • None at this time!

Known bugs

  • Several translations into DE, ES and FR are not implemented yet