Rogue Power Bars 2.2.7 with an X-Perl Statusbar Texture

RoguePowerBars updated for 6.0.2. To configure use "/rpb" or open the standard addon settings tab.

It's timer bars for Rogues!

Important Notes:

  • New abilities will not automatically be added to the tracking lists
  • Did some very basic (and probably unintelligent) buff and debuff detection by making use of LibPlayerSpells. More sophisticated buff listings will hopefully come when I have the free time to generate them.
  • Removed abilities will not automatically be removed from the tracking lists
  • Click the reset to defaults button for each list in the settings or delete your RPB saved variables file to get the new defaults. This will lose any list customizations!
  • Default colors for new abilities are all the same (a very generic grey right now). You probably want to change them. Some sort of color auto-detection may come in the future but involves pre-parsing outside of the game, so a decent amount of work.

Please do not report errors in comments if possible! Try making a ticket first.

Guide to posting a ticket:

Click link below
->Click here to report errors<-
Sign in to curseforge at the top right corner if it does not have you signed in already.
Check current list of open tickets to see if someone has already reported your issue.
Click +Post a Ticket in the upper right corner above the filter box.
Read How to file tickets if you are new to tickets.
Fill out form and post ticket.
Don't forget to check back on your ticket occasionally to see if it has been updated or more information has been requested.

How to fix most RoguePowerBars related problems.

Solution A:

  1. When you are not logged into wow, open your "World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<Your Account>/SavedVariables/" folder and locate RoguePowerBars.lua.
  2. Move the RoguePowerBars.lua to another folder or rename it to a different name.
  3. This will reset your RoguePowerBars settings to defaults. Log into wow and see if you are still having problems.
  4. If this fixes your problems please send Verik a copy of the old RoguePowerBars.lua via Private message or a ticket so I can try to fix this bug.

Solution B:

  1. Disable all addons other than RoguePowerBars and your error message tool (!Swatter/!BugGrabber+BugSack/etc)
  2. Login to wow and see if the problem is fixed. (make sure you aren't reading an old error that your error tool has saved from before)
  3. If RoguePowerBars is working correctly then you most likely have a conflict with another addon. Slowly reenable addons till you find the addon that causes RoguePowerBars to break. Report the addon and addon version with a copy of the error, if there is one, to Verik to narrow down the problem.
  • If neither of these fix your problem please create a ticket.


Updated TOC for MoP.
Changed default spell list to reflect the ability changes for MoP.
Fixed(hopefully) an old bar background texture bug.
Seems that a fresh checkout of RPB from the repository works fine with 4.3.4, so tagged the repository and fixed a small bug, hopefully this makes the addon fully usable for people again.
Fixes for localization related bugs
Updated to work with the 4.0.1 patch!

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  • Avatar of redroach redroach May 17, 2015 at 21:47 UTC - 1 like

    This addon is throwing several errors, is it going to be updated anytime soon?

  • Avatar of Ladeon Ladeon Feb 11, 2015 at 15:03 UTC - 0 likes

    Would it be possible to make sliders/direct input editors for the Icon and statusbar dimension/offset? I'd also like to see an icon zoom slider like WeakAura has to remove the borders of the actual spell-icon to make it look more sharp.

  • Avatar of warlockd warlockd Sep 07, 2012 at 19:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Digging out some of the nil errors you have been working on but I am curious on something. Why are you calling self:RemoveSpaces(name) so much? Lua hates doing string manipulation since it has to instantiate each string change and then garbage collect it latter.

    Also, why do you need to strip the spaces all together? I was originally going to make something like "MagePowerBars" since now I have to look out for more crap than I used to and this is a nice clean setup for it. What kind of nil errors were you running into?

  • Avatar of Verik Verik Aug 29, 2012 at 11:47 UTC - 0 likes

    @kaltoran: Go

    I started to do this myself once a while back. I didn't have time to make lists of all the different class spell ids so I abandoned it. It also only tracks buffs on player and debuffs on the target. Anything outside of that wouldn't work. I can't remember if that was a problem for certain class abilities or not.

    Once you have the class spell lists all created though, it's a simple issue of checking the class on first login and loading in the appropriate class's lists. I had a similar setup in one of my old experiments that worked well enough.

    As for forking the code base that's not really my place to comment on. With the lists done, support could probably be added very quickly. The RoguePowerBars name doesn't exactly make it easy to think of as EveryonePowerBars though. heh

  • Avatar of kaltoran kaltoran Jul 16, 2012 at 05:26 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi there, much love to the author for this addon :) great work, but im wondering if it would be possible to duplicate this addon for other classes, by subbing in other class specific spell ID's in place of the rogue spell ID's and if so would i have permission to recreate this addon specifically for another class(es), if i of course gave said author full recognition for their coding/prowess etc?

    Yours Kaltoran



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