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86 - Auto-sell when stack size > specified

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How about a function to auto-sell items when they exceed a specified number in your inventory? For example. on my blood-only DK I have no use for crit food, minimum use for haste food, and rarely use dodge food due to the high diminishing returns. So, the function in mind would allow me to specify "Auto-sell Mastery, hit, and expertise food such that only 20 is in my inventory at any time" in addition to being able to auto-sell any and all haste and crit food. Or perhaps allow us to specify items which we would only like the specified number in our inventory at any time, for example if I only ever want one Phantasmal Drape in my inventory ever, it'd be awesome to be able to specify a 'safe' one that doesn't get sold. So my enchanted and reforged one would be left alone and any extras would be vendored as garbage.

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Feb 25, 2013
Dec 18, 2012
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