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This addon is used to remember your SetConsoleKey keybinding when using wow in -console mode. By design, the client will not remember your console keybind and I find myself annoyed with having to reset it every time I restart the game. This simple addon hooks the SetConsoleKey function so it can save your last console keybind and then loads it on startup.

Note: Due to the way addons are loaded, this addon can only set your console key after you have selected a character. Prior to selecting a character (that loads this addon) The console key will remain bound to the default tilde key.

I did not include any command line scripts as I did not feel they were necessary. Since this hooks the SetConsoleKey function itself, you simply set the key the normal way i.e. /script SetConsoleKey("KEYTOBIND");

If you are unfamiliar with console mode and/or the usage of this function visit:

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Date created
Mar 23, 2011
Last update
Oct 01, 2013
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