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What does SetTheory do?

If you switch between different specs or play-styles and use a couple or more addons to support them then this addon will save you time and make those occasions where you enter an arena or boss fight with the wrong gear/spec/UI a thing of the past.

It allows you to define different 'sets' of setups for a number of addons and to switch between them at the click of a button. For example, as a paladin, I play a variety of roles and each one has differences in the buffs I want to cast, gear I want to wear, spec I need and information I want to show in combat. Without SetTheory switching between different play-styles is time consuming; Switching spec or respecing at the trainer, opening and setting each option in each addon's unique UI, double checking I've set everything right, etc. With SetTheory however you can define a 'Healing' set which, for example, is linked to your primary talent set, an Outfitter outfit called 'Normal', a ZOMGBuffs_SelfBuffs template called 'PvE', a TrinketMenu queue called 'PvE' and enables my 'Judgements of the Pure' Power Aura. Selecting your 'Healing' set would automatically activate your primary talents, set the right Outfit, buff assignments, trinket queues and aura display.

You can have as many sets as you like, linked with as many addons as there are modules for (see below). Configuring and selecting your sets is a quick and easy task. When you respec you can be prompted to select a set for your new spec, for example, because I use the Talented I only have to press two buttons to respec at the trainer and my whole UI is setup for my new role. With the right configuration it's possible to near-instantly adapt your UI to a whole different play-style.

You can find a video demonstrating the addon here:


The current version works with Cataclysm with two ommissions; I've disabled glyphs and cancelling buffs for betarians. I won't be updating these actions or other modules that integrate with other addons until they're more developed and no longer such a moving target.

What modules are available?



Please let me know of any module requests.

Ok I've installed this AddOn, what now?

The options are available via:

  • Typing "/settheory"
  • Minimap Icon or FuBar icon (with Broker2Fubar AddOn).
  • Any DataBroker enabled display.

The AddOn is organised such that you create a set for each of your play-styles. Then, for each AddOn or UI feature you wish to change based on your play-style you create an action in that set. These actions are then processed in order when switching between sets. Actions perform the actual changes to your UI, for example, you can add an action to your set which switches between your dual-specs and another one that selects your gear from the Equipment Manager and so on for all the actions you wish to create. If you don't see an action relevant to your interests remember to check the 'Ace Profile' action - this covers all AddOns created using the Ace framework (a LOT of them).

Watch the video for a demonstration of creating a set and its actions.

How easy is it to change my sets?

Once defined you can select your current set in a number of ways:

  • Addon Options GUI
  • Command line (i.e. for macros)
  • Keybinds
  • LibDataBroker (minimap icon, FuBar with Broker2Fubar addon, TitanPanel, any other bar mod supporting LDB, etc)
  • Talent swaps and respecs (when you respec you can be prompted to apply a set for your newly empty spec).
  • Triggers automatically switch sets based on your location, group-status (party, raid, etc), PvP-status, etc (NYI)

Is there anything else I should know?

  • This mod is a work in progress, if a version you've downloaded is crawling with bugs I apologise. Please submit tickets and feedback.
  • If you'd like to see a specific module here please add a comment or send me a message explaining what you'd like it to do.

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