Change log

tag v1.1
unknown <Chris@.(none)>
2009-10-23 19:41:30 -0700

Tagging as 1.1


    - Add (crude) GetMinimapShape() support. Add a visibility overrides system, which allows for event-driven callbacks to show or hide buttons that are hover-only. The only button to use this so far is the calendar, which will show when you have a pending invite.
    - Add support for TomTom's Reparent to fix issue with crazy arrow
    - zhTW update.(Thanks yeah-chen)
    - zhCN update.
    Signed-off-by: ananhaid <>
    - Might as well bump the TOC as well
    - Localization update
    - Moved preset options slightly
    - Moved Buttons options around slightly
    - Changed coordinate options to become disabled rather than hidden when the coordinate module is disabled
    - Lock -> Lock coordinates
    - Changed Enabled -> Enable fader
    - Fixed Hover opacity and Normal opacity not being listed as percentages
    - Changed general configuration ordering around
    - - Changed hudmap widget ordering around a bit
    - Changed ping options to be disabled if "Show who pinged" is disabled for consistency
    - Fixed duplicate ping messages being sent to chat
    - - Reordered zone text widgets to make it a little bit less of a mass of options
    - zhCN update.
    - Added vehicule seat mover.
    - Coordinates: honor the "lock" setting and added a button to "reset position".
Chris Heald:
    - Fix LDBIcon clashes by not messing with visibility; only mess with alpha for hover-registered buttons
    - If Capping is loaded, do not try to move PvP capture bars.
    Removed unexistant frame from movable list.
    Removed pre-3.1.0 compat code
Chris Heald:
    - Fix (kinda) for movers + quest tracking
    - Optimized zhCN localization.
    Signed-off-by: ananhaid <>
Chris Heald:
    - Merge enabled fix
    - Oh hey I guess I should commit this 2-day-old fix. >_>
    - Fader module: honor "enabled" setting on initialization.
    - Pass the button to global Minimap_OnClick in the Minimap_OnClick hook.
Chris Heald:
    - Add fader module
    - Add support for QuestHelper pins. Needs a pending update to QuestHelper to work, but that should be coming soon
    - Fixed HudMap indicator rotation.
Chris Heald:
    - Remove cruft
    - Change Hudmap scaling so the icons aren't all out of whack
    - Add modified versions of the object/blip textures so they aren't quite so horrible on hudmap. Still big though
    - Fix facing for HudMap. Fix ping frame positioning.
    - Fix for 3.1
    - Add a warning if EBB is set to hide the minimap tracking texture.
    - Minor 3.1 compatibility change.
    - Fixed no-lib packaging.
    - Fixed ticket #13
    - Fixed ticket #16
Chris Heald:
    - Added 'Emerald Portal' preset, courtesy of Korryna
    - Update localization, add master hudmap alpha slider
    - Add more HudMap options, drop the squareFuzzy blp for an internal blp
    - Add Routes support (requires alpha routes build); add HUD coloring support
    - Sexy up the hudmap a bit
    - Add first alpha of the HudMap. Very basic.
    - Bump for the packager
    - Bump for the packager
    - Make coordinates module off by default. They are useful, but not sexy!
    - Add coordinates module, add more presets, fix zone text strata
    - Add capture bar movers, clean up some errant globals (thanks durcyn)
    - Fix zone text weirdness; make minimap click release any button dragging in progress
    - Fix zone frame sizing with nil db width
    - Update localization
    - Added a gobton of new shapes. Fixed zone text so its container frame updates dynamically.
    - maxStep -> bigStep
    - Add zhTW and zhCN localization
    - Fix for child capturing. Oops
    - Add support for button dragging around multiple shapes; supports arbitrary shapes. Added an optional backdrop frame for the minimap which allows you to use a square tiled background and edgefile for your preset if you desire. Added large faded circle. Added 'Simple Square' preset.
    - Add Large Circle (faded) shape
    - Added ping frame and option to minimap
    - Overhaul a lot of button grabbing/hiding/moving functionality. Should play better with others now. Added new toggles to the buttons submenu to let you turn off pieces of functionality.
    - Protect against nil mouse focus
    - Clean up option ordering a bit
    - Fix for missing localized strings
    - Use LibBBO, fix config opening
    - Use LibBBO, add a manual button capture command
    - Added Stargate preset
    - Make the map not ping when you right click to configure
    - Fix a problem that caused position to not save
    - Fix profile issues; make presets user saveable/loadable, clean up borders config UI significantly
    - Add option to turn off right-click-to-configure
    - Throttle rotation updates, fix some button movement issues, make shapes apply on mod load
    - Added player facing tracking and tracking preset
    - Fix problem with SetAlpha in buttons module
    - Update localization
    - Added Parchment preset
    - More presets, added 'No rotation' mode to borders for square textures
    - Make the Burning Sun preset a little less...bright
    - Apply alpha/scale OnEnable
    - Minor debug cleanup
    - Add button dragging, with configrable drag radius (and some other stuff too)
    - Another shot at elimitating this keys with spaces problem
    - Fix up the menus a bit
    - Bugfixes, thanks Zhinjio
    - Only show the mail icon when we have new mail
    - Add hide/hover control for other buttons added to the minimap by other mods
    - Add AutoZoom module
    - Added new mail indicator to buttons module
    - Upvalue some globals
    - Change to directly embedded libstub, rather than .pkgmeta'd libstub
    - Add LibStub, fix embeds.xml
    - Added 'Midnight Moon' preset
    - Add 'Burning Sun' preset
    - Make scaling more granular
    - Add shape selection options, add shape to presets, add a new purple diamond preset
    - Add opacity to master settings, add TexBrowser launcher to border settings
    - Add scale option to main options
    - Sexied up the config options a bit more
    - Make the first run variable a bit more intuitive
    - Added presets; will set the Blue Runes preset first time addon is run
    - Added ping module
    - Add embeds.xml
    - Initial commit, still in development


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Oct 24, 2009
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