Change log

Chris Heald (52):
      8a4d0e9: Initial commit, still in development
      241ef45: Add embeds.xml
      6c7ab02: Added ping module
      e5c6090: Added presets; will set the Blue Runes preset first time addon is run
      f63e84b: Make the first run variable a bit more intuitive
      5aa9c32: Sexied up the config options a bit more
      a7db17d: Add scale option to main options
      b97e53a: Add opacity to master settings, add TexBrowser launcher to border settings
      208f86c: Add shape selection options, add shape to presets, add a new purple diamond preset
      67dcb2c: Make scaling more granular
      8e19207: Add 'Burning Sun' preset
      d05e1e9: Added 'Midnight Moon' preset
      d0be0ff: Add LibStub, fix embeds.xml
      0312b14: Change to directly embedded libstub, rather than .pkgmeta'd libstub
      32e0b8f: Upvalue some globals
      842c606: Added new mail indicator to buttons module
      6d2172f: Add AutoZoom module
      bd1d8cd: Add hide/hover control for other buttons added to the minimap by other mods
      c28d0fa: Only show the mail icon when we have new mail
      4370da6: Bugfixes, thanks Zhinjio
      2683542: Fix up the menus a bit
      299134b: Another shot at elimitating this keys with spaces problem
      fb78bac: Add button dragging, with configrable drag radius (and some other stuff too)
      2ecc742: Minor debug cleanup
      6b6ce81:  Apply alpha/scale OnEnable
      7b08f53: Make the Burning Sun preset a little less...bright
      bdb9208: More presets, added 'No rotation' mode to borders for square textures
      5e09ad4: Added Parchment preset
      b64dd2f: Update localization
      6fb408e: Fix problem with SetAlpha in buttons module
      8704edf: Added player facing tracking and tracking preset
      9647895: Throttle rotation updates, fix some button movement issues, make shapes apply on mod load
      b824448: Add option to turn off right-click-to-configure
      3c9f132: Fix profile issues; make presets user saveable/loadable, clean up borders config UI significantly
      1a128b1: Fix a problem that caused position to not save
      0e3df17: Make the map not ping when you right click to configure
      e29c6b2: Added Stargate preset
      ce53b87: Use LibBBO, add a manual button capture command
      82b332f: Use LibBBO, fix config opening
      e263c82: Fix for missing localized strings
      9cec72a: Clean up option ordering a bit
      f51fcb0: Protect against nil mouse focus
      abeb020: Overhaul a lot of button grabbing/hiding/moving functionality. Should play better with others now. Added new toggles to the buttons submenu to let you turn off pieces of functionality.
      28d90bb: Added ping frame and option to minimap
      baa8629: Add Large Circle (faded) shape
      3d280fc: Add support for button dragging around multiple shapes; supports arbitrary shapes. Added an optional backdrop frame for the minimap which allows you to use a square tiled background and edgefile for your preset if you desire. Added large faded circle. Added 'Simple Square' preset.
      28f7759: Fix for child capturing. Oops
      aa579b7: Add zhTW and zhCN localization
      b1b340d: maxStep -> bigStep
      d4255bc: Added a gobton of new shapes. Fixed zone text so its container frame updates dynamically.
      05dfe4d: Update localization
      49df28f: Fix zone frame sizing with nil db width


Uploaded on
Oct 31, 2008
Game version
  • 3.0.2
48.3 KiB